Mast Cell - Histamine (Immunotherapy With Histamine)

The Plot Against Asthma and Allergy Patients: Asthma, Allergies, Migraine, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are Curable, but the Cure is Hidden from the Patients (Felix Ravikovich, 2003).

I have no doubt that this book will inspire young researchers and hopefully awaken some clinical allergologists. — Prof. Dr. Cezmi A. Akdis – Head of Immunology – Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research


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I'm reading the book and find it fascinating!

My having Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or (over response).... I think of all the antihistamines I've taken and wonder what has it done. In the past month (even before finding this book), I felt the need to take myself off them. I haven't been completely successful. But having added some flavonoids and enzymes.....I'm being able to mostly be off them. I'm having more reaction with foods and taking note. But I feel my mind is much clearer.

Would you Private message me on this forum? I'm not very far into the book yet. But enough to raise plenty of questions.

Thanks for posting this!
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The above article really gives a pretty good summary of histamine and all the receptors and what they do. I'm still reading the book and it is such an eye opener. Lots of supporting information on histamine as a way to actually treat illness. But getting the receptors to work properly is key. I'm still trying to process the information and plan to put this to the test to see if it will help. I'm already off most my MCAS medicine for over a month now. This will be huge if I can get it to work for me.


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I have been using a histamine cream for a few weeks now. Starting to figure out when and how much to use. Having less issues. Still being able to stay off my MCAS medicines. Off over 2 months now. I'm very hopeful. (And I've been in ICU due to MCAS issues.)

For one thing, my brain function/fog is a whole lot better. And my pain is better. I think with less inflammation occurring with keeping the mast cells from degranulating as much and having suppressor T cells moderating inflammation....may be why. At least, that is the desired response, according to the book. This also has a moderating effect on glutamate and the excitotoxin affect that has.

I still have to be super careful of my diet as I can be triggered very fast with it. (Or getting over tired or over hot.)

But, I'm also sleeping better. Apparently mast cells don't degranulate with true, restful sleep. But when its fitful....could be a night of unreshresing sleep along with MCAS symptoms. I have found zinc and P5P to be helpful here.

Also was suggested to use Vit C to bowel tolerance with the breakthrough. I got a non citrus Vit C, as I figured out citrus to be a trigger for me. I also added Vit E to keep Vit C in desired form and not add more ROS issues.

I have had a couple of times of having to use GastroCrom as an Emergency, when I didn't get my timing right on my cream. But, starting to get it figured out.

I never knew how important it is to have histamine and the receptors working correctly. It is needed for the autoimmune system to work properly and to take down inflammation by moderating cytokines.

I think of the 8 years I took MCAS medicines non stop. Them not really helping that much and my brain getting worse and pain being my worst symptom. What was I setting myself up for.....because of ignorance? I did not know and did not know another way. Or that the problem was the functioning of the receptors at fault.

I always have been one to ask WHY. And WHY NOT. At last, I have another WHY. And it goes along with the intelligence of the body trying to "fix" a problem. A compensation that needed a fine tuning tweak. I think I'm getting it tweaked a little better now. Let's hope that not only I, but others, may be closer to having our "purple bandaid".

There is HOPE, and I'm Encouraged!!!!

People, get in touch with Bayard here. He is a wealth of knowledge on this subject. I feel one of my prayers is being answered.


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Trying to find another way to tame down these trigger happy, over responding mast the goal. I'm not having a huge success with the cream I'm trying now, but have another one ordered - with less ingredients. It's not a goal to add more histamine to the body. The goal is to stop so much over production of the body own mast cell degranulation. Trying to get the suppressor H2 and H3 to easier detect when it is there and maybe stop the so easily triggered mast cell response. Sort of an immunology type treatment.

It's still an ongoing experiment for me. Not there yet......
Histamine Induces Microglia Activation and the Release of Proinflammatory Mediators in Rat Brain Via H1R or H4R.

"Trying to find another way to tame down these trigger happy, over responding mast the goal"

I think over responding mast cells is simpy a cause and effect from certain toxic elements, the 3 most signifigant are: aluminium, mercury and pesticides . Of course there is also a lot different pesticides but to name one major is roundup .

Aluminium and mercury are adjuvants , they are added to vaccines to boost immuno response. So lets think this , a substance that makes body immuno mechanism response more powerfull, mast cells are part of the immuno system and are triggered to start producing many chemicals , but the problem is something have stimulated mast cells way too much,over to point where they are acting without any reason. Aluminium is everywhere ,and mercury also is common and most are getting it from vaccines as child.

Of cource there is a lot toxic substances also other than those 3 , fluoride,chlorine, cigarette,drugs, dioxins, PCBs etc

So i think the mast cell & histamine issues are basically caused by enviromental pollutantants that have awful effect on immuno system and whole body. If people get adjuvants , and after vaccines start get them more and more from food, drugs etc (many drugs are loaded with aluminium ) i think it is reasonable to conclude that it can indeed cause the immuno system to go in to fighting mode .

There is good enterosorbent, Enterosgel , it is a binder that is taken with water, juice and it just travels on there and binds aluminium and many other bad substances, it also binds histamine .

Sorry, did not reat the book that Bayard mentioned


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Yes, I agree that much if what we ingest and are exposed to are toxic to us. Some of us "sensitive " ones especially. I've done much detox and binders and still have the issues. I'm also super careful what I eat and environmentally expose myself to. But that hasn't "remedied " the issues. I personally don't take vaccines any more (had them as a child with terrible consequences).

The book above has been of benefit to me and learning the value of histamine has too. Very possible it being upped is a compensation and trying to rectify things. The problem being, the receptors are malfunctioning and need to be reset. I'm getting closer to having that happen now.

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