Supplement MB12. Not without it's problems

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The last few days/weeks have been especially horrible. My sleep has been crap for at least a month and my tachycardia, which I had been controlling with potassium, was not responding to it anymore.

I had to go back to propranolol but I have a reaction from it where it causes chest tightness and makes breathing hard.

I was trying to figure out what was wrong (and while this was happening I was having a bad reaction to Bactrim) and went over my notes but couldn't find anything except that I had been very slowly increasing stuff for methylation. I thought, well slow is ok so couldn't be that, but I stopped methylation today and everything is better.

I'm pretty sure it is the MB12 causing the horrible tachycardia and a friend suggested that to me after I had stopped. I had no idea it could do that.

Even though I have some mutations I think I'm done with methylation. My NP understands it, but I never felt like I got any benefit, unlike others who have great luck, and it's just way too complicated.


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When I have bad tachy with my POTS, if it's not mast cell related - I find that either Motherwort or Blackstrap molasses to be of great help. I'll try one or the other and sometimes both.

Methylation is tricky. I have to go much lower on my amount than most. I don't use MB12 daily. And I'm vegan. I use it several times a week and that's enough.


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I don't have POTS or mast cell issues. Just an annoyance

I went up very slowly on my MB12 so didn't put it together. It is absolutely that.

I never got any benefit that I could tell from b12 and I have gotten zero benefit from Methylation so I'm not going to do it anymore.

I posted this so others will be aware that MB12 can cause major problems. I was taking 5 mgs.


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The whole methylation thing as Issie mentioned can be very tricky. I have never had the desire to try it myself as I have read many reports on side affects..........if you take to much of this it causes that problem......then you have to take some of that..........but not too much or it will cause an imbalance of that............and if that happens you have to try and figure out what caused what...................well I think you get my drift! I know that it has helped a few...............but I read more negative things than not with the people that are trying it.

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@Tammy7 My NP had me doing it since I have some mutations and some people do have good luck. I think it's individual and it was certainly worth trying it.

But I know exactly what you mean! Fortunately I had some smart people available so when I did have problems I had somewhere to go for help. Like when I had upped my metafolin too fast and I was in a murderous rage. Glad I had some niacin hanging around to get me off the edge.

As I've said before, I'd eat rat poo if it'll help. In the scheme of things this was nothing in the way of issues so I can add this to my list of things I've tried.

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