MDs take ME seriously when they get sick

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As MDs get sick they have to take ME seriously. It is unfortunate there is so much bias against patients that it has to come to this to override their bias.

Case presentation: case 1
A white British female, now aged 63 (the first author), developed viral meningitis with accompanying vomiting leading to severe dehydration in 1988 when aged 33. She had previously been well and working as a general practitioner. Viral meningitis was diagnosed by lumbar puncture and again 6 weeks later on repeat hospital admission. She remained extremely unwell, being bed bound and unable to self-care, with profound weakness and fatigue, general malaise, light and sound sensitivity, repeated dizziness causing collapse, persistent anxiety and widespread pain. Although she improved slowly over the next 5 years, she was only able to return to work on a limited basis, still suffering headaches, fatigue, postexertional malaise and frequent migraine attacks characterised by vomiting and visual disturbances.
Following gastroenteritis in 1999, she again became bed bound and unable to self-care. Improvement was slower than the initial illness, and after 5 years she was still dependent on carers and used a motorised wheelchair when outside. She developed multiple food intolerances, shown on blood tests and confirmed by repeated withdrawals and reintroductions of intolerant foods. She showed a more dramatic response to wheat, even small amounts, characterised by nausea, severe headache, rapid heart beat and collapse within 10 min of consumption, followed by a week of reduced energy and absolute constipation.

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