Mechanism / Explanation for absence of cold and flu in ME / CFS sufferers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jamesmee, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. jamesmee

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    Has anyone encountered a mechanism / explanation for why some people with ME / CFS don't get colds or flu? Or can anyone suggest one?

    I haven't experienced a cold or flu since 2013, when my ME/CFS detoriorated and reached it's current state. Before 2013 I would get colds and flu a lot and heavily. I go to work and the shops etc so I'm not housebound.

    I'm not alone in this:

    Perhaps my expression of ME / CFS is an immune system that is overactive, always on, and therefore works too well?
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  2. Teresauk

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    I read once that the sore throat etc is your bodies response to an infection, and that maybs if your immune system is really weak you might have the virus but not fight it very well so not have symptoms. No idea if that is or could be medically correct tho.?.
  3. dejurgen

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    I still have colds. I have them a bit less then before. It's one of many symptoms that gets reduced by this disease. Some symptoms came back while slowly improving.

    The biggest change however was taking Bronchovaxom, a medication that decreases my vulnerability long before I got diagnosed with CFS/FM (ME doesn't "exist" over here).

    Certainly the immune system functioning changes. But there is another factor less considered IMO:

    If I am correct viral replication and spreading rate is dependent on both cell renewal rates and amount of inhibition.

    With reduced renewal rates comes a reduction in chances to replicate as well as some chemicals needed to incorporate viral DNA in existing cells if I understand well. With inhibition/Dauer comes a thickening of cell walls making access of viral DNA to our cells DNA harder.
  4. Raden Adams

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    I have been talking about this for years now as I am in my 21st year and have yet to catch the flu or a cold when I used to get a bug or virus every year or two at least. I noticed it after about 4-5 years I guess because I kept expecting to catch everything because at the time I thought that my immune system was compromised. Weird thing and I, too, have been exposed in crowds of people, etc..
  5. Likaloha

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    I remember a doctor, cannot remember name or speciality who thought that my immune system was both overactive and interactive at once...makes some sense since I don't get colds, flus,etc...granted I don't leave the house much but when my hubby was working he was around kids all the time and would get stuff but I never did...not sure what this all means, but wanted to share something a doc said!
  6. curlycat

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    Hi all,
    I was told long ago by a Rheumatologist ARNP (I've been sick 33 yrs.) that our innate immune systems are too weak but our acquired immune systems are too strong. I came down with this plague just as I was recovering from the flu, but since getting it, I have only had one case of flu in 33 yrs. and 1-2 colds. Though I don't get sick as often, when I do, it takes forever for me to throw it off. Every winter my chronic sinusitis turns into bronchitis and it takes me 2 plus months to beat it back down. I have also read that not being sick with any of the "normal" stuff people usually get for a decade or more often precedes cancer. I'd guess that has something to do with the same immune issue, plus the sluggish NK white cells we have.
  7. Not dead yet!

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    Hmm, I don't seem to get colds/flu any less frequently. Actually I get them even more often, and with debilitating severity. I wasn't taking quinolones for colds until after the ME diagnosis. But it's less of a flu like and more of a sudden bacterial takeover. It sometimes starts with a UTI which then seems to trigger a cold in my sinuses and then lungs. I often can't breathe, hence the antibiotics.