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My mother is seriously suffering from Alzheimer's. Her memory has started to decline. At times she behaves like a kid and sometimes very rude to all. All of us are really depressed after seeing her behavior. Yesterday while discussing this with my friends they suggested taking my mother to Prestige Care, Bridgewood. When I went through their site I found that they have memory care service along with assisted living services. One of their articles was about memory care. It says that using innovative care techniques and life enrichment activities through their Expressions Memory Care program, they provide people with Alzheimer’s and dementia an outlet for creativity through arts, learning and spirituality, They mainly focus on turning daily activities into memorable and meaningful events. If anyone has availed their service, please do share your views. The expense of the treatment is not an issue for me. I just wanted my mother to be perfectly healthy. So please do share your suggestions. Thanks in advance.


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Having done parent care for my folks and my mom especially having dementia - I feel for you and your family. It is one of the hardest and sadest things I've ever had to deal with. There is a book I highly recommend called "36 Hour Day" . Have everyone read it. A lot of the issues we have with the person with dementia is how we react to them. If we understood better and reacted and managed better we wouldn't have quite as much trauma going on. Yet we usually learn this after the fact.
Anger and being mean is a stage they go through. Nothing you can do, say or try to do will change it. Just don't try to reason with them. It won't work. It frustrates them even more. Their brains and thought processes are totally changed. And the way we always interacted has to change too. There is no telling how long this phase will last.....but it's the worst. Then they get more docile and dependant on their caregiver. Sometimes in this phase, they have to be medicated. We had to with my mom. Sadly, it will make the dementia progress faster. But my mom had her mind at ease and she seemed more content and smiled once in awhile.
It's hard to say if this home would help your mom. Only one way to find out. If there are nurses on staff and they can observe and talk to docs....may give you some answers as to what to do next.
I've thought so many times I should write a book. What I learned from the experience might could help others. But really, you learn as you go. Hind sight is 20/20. But it would have been nice to have had more guidance.
Pray alot, breathe, try to find one hour of joy a day. You can't take care of someone else well.....if you don't take care of yourself. BUT, that is nearly impossible to do as a caregiver. I had to become selfless. (I was taking care of both parents in two different places - in the end..... they died 2 weeks apart.) Now father-in-law care coming up fast -----same issues. Old age is horrible!

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