Diet Mendus launches first ME/CFS patient produced study


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Mendus looks like a fantastic addition to the ME/CFS community. Mendus -created by a neuroscientist with ME/CFS - will use apps to gather data and then will analyze the data to create its own research studies.

Patients join, participate in a study and Mendus publishes the results. The first one is a CFS Diet study - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet Study

Another is a D-Ribose study

I just joined up at Mendus

Part of the inspiration for Mendus comes from a new movement in health management referred to as Quantified Self. More and more tools (typically apps) are being developed to give individuals the power to blaze a path to more optimal health. But this field can be a little overwhelming. Which app should I be using? What exactly should I be measuring? How do I integrate a bunch of apps and get the most out of my time? After I 'quantify myself' then what? What do I do with all this data? One of the aims of Mendus is use some of these tools, to simplify and guide this self quantification process and to help individuals get the most out of their experiments. Such self-experiments have enormous potential to reveal patterns that could ease the suffering of the individual, for example by revealing links between symptoms and aspects of lifestyle (see the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diet Study below). If these individual data sets were to be integrated across larger groups, which is what I envision happening at Mendus, the potential exists for important new discoveries!
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