Metabolomics Study in CFS to be published august 31


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Sounds promising...

As of April 2016, the Gordon Medical Research Center completed and submitted for publication the first CFS Metabolomics study, looking at biomarkers in 84 subjects, 43 patients and 43 age and sex matched controls. It is currently finished undergoing peer review prior to publication on August 31, 2016. The statistical strength of the results is very strong, indicating a potential commonality in all CFS patients. We will let you know when the study is actually available.

However, validating the biomarkers for CFS will require more than one cohort of patients. GMA and Dr. Naviaux’s lab have teamed up with Dr. Paul Cheney to complete the second group of patients. Dr. Cheney’s long experience and clinical acumen make his patients probably the best defined group of CFS patients in the world. If we confirm our findings with Dr. Cheney’s patients, we will finally have a diagnostic test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!


Is this work Dr. Naviaux is doing in any way connected to his collaborative metabolomics study with OMF?
Hi Neunistiva,
Yes, the OMF is funding and involved with a 2nd confirmation paper. This article might help!

Metabolomic and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – by Robert Naviaux, MD
"Testing an Exciting New Technology for Diagnosis and Management of ME/CFS and Other Illnesses
We are excited to work with the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) to help blaze a new trail in ME/CFS research. Dr. Robert Naviaux and his team at the University of California, San Diego recently completed a metabolomics study of over 80 patients with ME/CFS and normal controls in collaboration with Dr. Eric Gordon and his team in northern California.
The results showed that there was a chemical signature in ME/CFS that might ultimately be used to help physicians diagnose and treat the disease.
The results were so exciting that we have now launched a validation study in a completely independent group of over 100 patients (already chosen and ready to go) with ME/CFS and controls from across the US and Canada. This study will be done in collaboration with Dr. Paul Cheney and Dr. Gordon’s team. A grant from OMF will make this next study possible."



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This is the study Naviaux did with Gordon. He was working on it I believe before he met Davis and now they are collaborating as was mentioned with the next study. Ron Davis is not an author but the paper stated that he helped edit it. I've never seen that before. (I have the paper but it is embargoed. I''ve just skimmed it but I can say that one of the conclusions is startling and that the study, encouragingly, actually jives with recent findings in other unrelated areas. It looks good!
Is this work Dr. Naviaux is doing in any way connected to his collaborative metabolomics study with OMF?

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