Metabolomics Study Melbourne Aus finds new marker


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The analysis reveals an inhibited glycolysis pathway exists in ME/CFS patients along with an oxidative stress pathway and a reduced level of amino acids…and it supports the current literature that proposes a chronic immune activation and oxidative stress phenotype exists in ME/CFS patients.
“We propose that amino acids are being increasingly used to provide an adequate carbohydrate source for the citric acid cycle.

...“Conclusion: Our observations of a mild hyperglycemic state and glycolysis inhibition are consistent with the hypothesis that chronic innate immune system activation and oxidative stress may underpin ME/CFS. More research into the involvement of mitochondrial dysfunction is required given these results show an inhibition of glycolysis that may precede mitochondrial function.”


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In Melbourne, Australia a study of 34 patients and 25 controls examined energy metabolism, chronic immune activation and oxidative stress issues within ME/CFS (Canadian Consensus Criteria definition) patients. It found significant differences in metabolites and proposed a new marker: overnight accumulation of allantoin in the urine.
Check this out - they found that lactate was reduced in ME/CFS! That's opposite to what Newton report but Newton recently reported that the lactate and pH findings didn't work out..

They found six blood metabolites were significantly altered: glucose levels were increased whereas acetate, glutamate, hypoxanthine, lactate, and phenylalanine were decreased in ME/CFS patients.

Plus glutamate was reduced - most people thought glutatmate would be increased. That glucose levels were increased suggests I think that glucose is not being utilized properly.

In other ways the study made sense given what we think we know.

Ron Davis thinks that the answer probably lies in metabolomics....We should get the Naviaux study soon

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