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I know MOST of us know how important Mg is but this Mg Advocate and this youtube are worth a watch/listen. I do it in sections.



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I can't take magnesium supplements. They are like sleeping pills for me. Even multi-vitamins with magnesium make me very tired after about a week or so. I get to the point where I can't think or function.


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I've been taking Mg for many years and no calcium but from what I get in my foods. Two friends ended up with afib a couple yrs ago and they have been realizing they were not getting enough Mg. Now they take too many heart med drugs.

MD's have been pushing calcium on me but I resist.

I do know my Mg works as a great calmer in my body and its part of my sleep combo which gives me 8-10 hrs good sleep.


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I take mag malate and asparate and even a complex with oxide to keep my bowels in check... I don't know how much I take daily, but MORE than the RDA says to take...I don't buy any of their directions.

Too much oxide will cause loose bowels, but I'd rather be loose than constipated..I've been that route too much in my life.

I read so much about Mg deficiency that one can't take too much .. have you had tests for Mg? I've done the labs now and then but I know about mag as I've been working with it so long.

It's a major calmer. But doesn't make me sleep during the day. I'm 80 soon so a cat nap now and then is a good thing.

If you've not worked with Mg, good to learn for your body. Good to alternative type and dosing as one can do that and not be on a strict regime. It's such an inexpensive mineral and so so important. And does so much we're told.
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I take Magnesium also helps me relax at night and helps with sleep................also helps my muscles not feel so tight and knotted.


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I concentrated on Glycinate and then a friend sent me some info about the negatives of it...forget what it said right I work with others too.


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Joanierav, one way to PM Jamin is to click on her username that's in blue at the left of her post above, then click Start a Conversation.

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