Michael Van Elzakker of the Vagus Nerve Hypothesis for ME/CFS Talks to Llewellyn King

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    Check out a thoughtful interview with a young (obviously very smart) researcher digging into ME/CFS. Van Elzakker talks about two studies he's working on including an exercise study which tracks the brain functioning before and after exercise and why he thinks vagus nerve, branstem problems and inflammation are core to ME/CFS.

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    Thank you Cort. Very interesting video. Nice to get a glimpse of non-mainstream, for sake of a better word, research being conducted. It was sad but confirming to hear Van Elzakker said they surveyed 3rd year medical students at Harvard and they do not learn about this condition (he did say possibly 4th year students do). How can we go about at least getting this condition presented in medical schools, even just a mention that it is not a psychological mediated illness? I don't think we can expect medical graduates to solve the ME/CFS question but hopefully just to acknowledge it is a real illness and not label so many patients with psychological disorders. Seems like that is a huge hurdle that could benefit so many patients in the future.