Misinformation About a Disease Has Dire Consequences.


How are we still allowing flawed information to be disseminated in this day and age? These doctors should know better!

For specific misguided points, please see the full text at MEadvocacy here:

Misinformation at the CDC Grand Rounds
The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Advancing Research and Clinical Education, CDC Grand Rounds took place on February 16, 2016. See video of entire meeting here.
There were four speakers at the meeting: Dr Charles Lapp, Dr. Elizabeth Unger, Dr. Anthony Komaroff and Dr. Avindra Nath. For this blog we will concentrate on Dr. Lapp’s presentation.
Charles W. Lapp, MD - Medical Director, Hunter-Hopkins Center, P.A.: “Clinical Presentation of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" - (Watch Dr. Lapp’s presentation here.)
MEadvocacy initiated and delivered a petition to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for a cancellation of the intramural NIH study as presented on the NIH website (see archived link) and for the cancellation of Dr. Nath’s presentation to the CDC Grand Rounds.
MEadvocacy and the 725 signers of the petition wanted to avoid misinformation being disseminated to the medical professionals listening to the presentations. Had we known about the content of Dr. Lapp’s intended address about the disease, we would have called for a boycott of this as well.
One has to think that Dr. Unger, Chief, Chronic Viral Diseases Branch at CDC, who headed this meeting, was very well aware of the content of Dr. Lapp’s speech. This is deeply concerning. We are not sure how many medical professionals actually attended this meeting but, we were told it would be in the thousands. Because this presentation is now available for viewing by anyone, that number could reach tens of thousands of doctors.
Teaching flawed information to thousands of medical professionals is alarming and has dangerous consequences for patients who rely on their physicians to be informed.


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Full text is definitely worthwhile reading. From the comments, referring to an example included in article:
Thank you for sharing my wife’s last Testament before taking her life. She and I were so angry with the CDC “system” and how they screwed her up shoving psychotropic medications down her throat for 15 years. Why the CDC doesn’t accept the WHO definition of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis I do not have the answer.
My wife was so guilt ridden that I contracted M.E after 7 years of marriage. We would have taken precautions had we known it was transmissible.

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