Resource Mitochondria and Fatigue - How to Boost your Mitochondria to beat fatigue with Dr. Sarah Myhill

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    Video interview with Dr. Sarah Myhill. She discusses the importance of looking at problems in both energy production and energy consumption in the treatment of CFS/ME. Lots of great info, but it is 1:10 in length.

    There's a transcript of the interview here:

    Some interesting points in the interview:
    • We typically use about 2/3 of the energy we produce just staying alive (i.e. basic metabolism)
    • Our liver typically uses about 27% of our energy, so eating clean and gut health are important to reduce liver overhead
    • We can have poorly-functioning mitochondria as a cause for chronic fatigue, but we could also have chronic fatigue with normal mitochondrial function if a lot of our energy is being used up by immunological responses (allergies or infection)