Mitochondrial Repair Using Light Therapy?

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    Red and near infrared lights are being used to increase blood flows and mitochrondrial production in the brain's of Gulf War vets. Early studies suggest it may be helping increase cognition. This light therapy can also be used in other parts of the body. It's mostly used by alternative health practitioners but is getting tested in a rigorous study setting now.

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    Hi Cort,
    This is my first post - I wanted to share my positive experience with laser therapy - in early April I was reading Dr. Norman Doidge's most recent book on neuroplasticity, The Brain's Way of Healing, and his chapter on laser therapy lead me to surmise that it may help with some of my m.e. symptoms.
    Fortunately, the doctor profiled in the book works in my home town and I now use a laser therapy device to treat myself at home. I started with daily treatment and on the third day I was able to walk for 15 minutes without ill effect (first time in 6 weeks!) - fatigue decreased, cognitive fog decreased, bowel movements normalized, pain in back of head/neck decreased, breathing more normal, heart beat more normal, anxiety decreased, more normal sleep. However, low body temperature did not change.
    I rented a home unit and treated myself daily. I improved a lot the first 10 days then had a high anxiety period that tapered off over a week - while better then before laser therapy, I have not quite returned to the level of wellness as the first 10 days. The doctor wonders if 'its too much' so now we're experimenting with every other day treatment, that I started a few days ago. I've noticed the shortness of breath, pounding heart and sleep disturbances have returned mildly but hope to complete 2 weeks of every other day before I see the doc again.
    In short, daily laser therapy on my brain stem has dramatically helped some of my symptoms (Doidge purports laser therapy helps ATP production, immune modulation, and cellular modulation) allowing me to be more productive.
    Thanks for all your work and providing space to share info and experiences.
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    Can anyone tell me the difference in effects between infrared therapy, magnetic stimulation, TENS, etc? Has anyone out there used the BioMat, a TENS unit, a Rife Machine, or infrared sauna? I'm very interested in non-pharma treatments.