Mitochondrial Researcher Joins Search for ME/CFS


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"I have heard of some theories over the decades in relation to SEID and mitochondria function and the NO/ONOO cycle (increase in nitric oxide and peroxynitrite, causing oxidative stress). But mitochondria-related studies have taken over much of the research interest of our disease in the last two years. This matches the interest of mitochondrial research in general, in other diseases.

His first contact from someone from the SEID field was Dr. Jon Kaiser, with K Pax, who just called him up one day. But then, researchers from Nevada, Ruben Dagda, Phd, and Isabel Silvestre, Phd, asked him to help set up a study they want to do on bioenergetic health in natural killer cells in SEID patients. He plans to visit the research team there this summer.

This networking and camaraderie is often how joint projects come about; it’s word of mouth. “They took the time and effort to try to understand what I was saying about the bionergetic health index,” he said. And they explained their theory to him.

The Nevada-based study, titled “The Bioenergetic Health Index of NK Cells as a Diagnostic Test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” has been funded by the Solve ME/CFS Initiative Ramsey Awards. The abstract points out, “Mitochondrial dysfunction has been reported in CFS. However, the extent by which the metabolic profiles of lymphocytes [natural killer cells] is associated with immune dysfunction remains to be elucidated.”

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