Mixing up Peptides.

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    Ugh. I suck at math. Can you all help me make sure I'm mixing this up right? @Strike me lucky? @Hip?

    Does this mean to add 3 mL of water to the 5 mg vial?

    I can't make that Peptide Mixing Calculator thingy work at all.

    Help please!

    1. Pop the caps off both the BPC-157 and BAC.
    2. Gently alcohol swab the rubber stopper on the BPC-157, then let it dry. Same goes with the BAC vial.
    3. Dose out the correct amount of BAC. In the case of a 30ml bottle of BAC, if you fill three insulin syringes full of water, then very slowly and carefully (peptides are extremely fragile) inject each of those syringes into a 5mg bottle of BPC-157, you are going to nearly completely fill the 5mg bottle of BPC-157.
    4. Once the 5mg bottle of BPC-157 is full, then based on this very handy Peptide Mixing & Dosing Calculator, each time you inject a 1ml/1cc syringe into it and pull that syringe back to the eight tick mark (**not the .8cc mark, but the eight tick mark, which is going to be two ticks before the .1cc mark on the syringe) you are going to have yourself approximately 250mcg of BPC-157.
    Voila. You’re done. You now have a bottle of completely reconstituted and ready-to-rumble BPC-157. It will look something like this.

    Read more https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2016/05/how-to-use-bpc-157/
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    @Remy. I haven't read the entire article but there are about 10 docs in US that do peptide injections. Dr Dakos in Florida was one. There is also a guy in LA.

    hugocfs who I mentioned elsewhere @bobby also did them.
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    If the vials big enough add more saline/water to make it 5mg/ml or if u want a lower volume injection 5mg/2.5mls so 1mg in .5mls? Generally the dried powder will increase the total volume eg 4.5ml into vial will probably give you 5mls in total. If that makes sense. It just makes the maths easier.
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    Well this is interesting! @Remy how did you decide on the BPC-157? I saw Hugocfs' post on PR, and the people he refers to have a variety of peptide formulations depending on symptoms.

    I also read the article you linked to, and see that this can be taken orally. Big plus!

    Meanwhile I've asked my doctor (email) if he's heard of peptide treatment.
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    I've been hunting around. Dr Dakos passed away. There is guy in LA Dr. Gruen. Another in Utah. But I think there is a guy in Texas

    There is thread on PR from March where JE of course bashes it. But I knew hugocfs before he started on the peptide shots. He was not in horrible shape to start so I wonder if that makes a difference? I did not know about the GI stuff. He was also seeing Dr Rey.

    I also know he told me before the shots he had to stop taking certain supplements.
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    I also say Hugocfs' post...but I'm not sure at all if these are the same type of peptides. I sure as heck hope not because one vial of this stuff was like $25 and I think I can get 35+ injections out of it. The peptides he was getting were very expensive so I hope they were blessed by unicorns or just more expensive in general for the raw materials and not just because they are relatively unknown outside of the bodybuilding world. I'd sure like to know but info on the Hugocfs peptides is short on the ground.

    I also like that it can help to heal the gut if taken orally.

    I have EDS and thought it might help with collagen repair. I also liked the idea of modulating VEGF which is often times low in patients with biotoxin illness according to Shoemaker.

    I also plan to try it on Cricket if her hip or knee ever start acting up again as she gets older.

    Basically just all this stuff sounded good and it was cheap to boot!

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    My doctor emailed back "very very cool!" Apparently the peptides bodybuilders use are not the same as the ones used by the developers of the Oxford formula. I'm very curious to hear about your results.

    Would you please also share details like where you ordered everything from, and if you have to buy syringes to draw the liquid up, or if there's another way to get it out of the bottle?
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    I saw that in the article. Blue Sky doesn't sell this product any more, and all 3 vendors charge a lot more than Remy paid:

    "one vial of this stuff was like $25"
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    I ordered from Blue Sky a few days ago. I don't have it yet though...

    It was $50 but buy one get one free.

    Let me double check when I get back to the computer.
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    My bad! I went on their website and got a 'no such product' message. I'll try again when I'm ready to buy. Meanwhile, I'm very interested in following your experiment.
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    You do have to buy the little tiny insulin syringes and some bacteriostatic water. Any time you are going to use a vial more than once, you must use BAC water because it has ingredients to keep it safe.

    So basically it comes as a very fragile powder, you mix in the BAC water, and then roll it in your hands to gently mix...then you draw up your dose! And keep it in the fridge.

    I'll see if my video skills extend to showing the mixing process once it arrives. It may take a bit though since it does seem to be on back order now.
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    I think maybe these are the other kind of peptides...they are named for individual organs and are VERY pricey?


    They are oral though, not shots, though that would seem to make life a lot easier.
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    I think those are an arm and a leg because they're specially for anti- aging. Is Suzanne Somers a spokesperson lol. Just the kind of thing she'd use I bet

    Someone could ask hugocfs what was the first peptide shot he got was. Get some specifics.
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    @Remy. I just saw some of that stuff is from Russia. Bet we could find it cheaper.
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    he got Oxford peptides they are different, he got GD the Geriatric and the homostiosis (cant spell that).
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    I know they are a different brand and injectable, I just wondered if the principle behind them was the same?
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    I doubt it, peptides will differ on the what they mix in them.