Monolaurin - Who has worked with it?


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I'm doing more and more research on Monolaurin and finding so much on the viruses our bodies carry. I don't deal with CFS, but was tested years ago for EBV, and Yes, had herpes yrs ago, and went thru major steph infection with knee in 2016 and thinking still have too much virus load in my body.

So I'm going to take it for probably 3 months and see IF I notice some changes.

I use CO in my cooking and eat a little now and then, but going to work with this Monolaurin for a while.

There is a LOT of info out there on this supplement.


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A friend gave her testimony on her family's use of Monolaurin and this makes me more interested in getting on it. Here is what she says:

((((We take Monolaurin every single day, at this point, to minimize or prevent a COVID-19 infection. It has the ability to penetrate the outer lipid shell of this type of virus and may, considerably, help weaken its ability to thrive.

I had an excellent experience 2 years ago when it was prescribed by an ND for something called a 'viral flair' I, evidently, had not fully kicked a previous infection and felt unwell for several months. After just a couple of weeks of taking Monolaurin, I was completely well again.

The key is to do your homework on this. . It's an extremely powerful supplement and not to be taken randomly or without knowledge. Since it's capable of killing off a wide variety of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and more, you'll, very likely, experience some die-off symptoms since, even if you feel well, some of those things are always in your body. This period of die-off can be mildly uncomfortable or actually make you feel pretty sick for a few days or longer.

Some people cannot tolerate it and stop taking it. One of my, very healthy, daughters gave up for this reason. I have never been able to build up to the higher doses, it's just too much for me.

This is not your average supplement like vitamin C or D, but it can be used on a daily basis for overall immunity. But you, first, have to understand how it works in your body. My ND advised taking for no more than 5 months at a time. With COVID-19 here to stay for a while, I'm breaking protocol on that.

One last thing, though it contains lauric acid - the same substance as coconut oil - your absorption rate is about 50% with the oil and much, much higher with Monolaurin.))))

Another friend who struggles with ME/CFS for something like 30 yrs just bought the Lauricidin...she has some New HOPE. Thanks Fore as you brought this to my attention and I went with it. j '


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I have some Lauracidin which is basically the same thing. I do not use it often but it has resolved a tooth infection when I have used it. I has to melt the pellets to do that.

I also have some C8/C10 which is the most effective part of coconut oil. I had little choice but to consume some of it and it caused a burning in my stomach for some time. That means they are now resistant to it so a bit of a mistake but other issues meant that I did not really have much choice.


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I was confused as to just what comprised Monolaurin and this is a good explanation. I just started taking capsules today.



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Good luck with it, Jam!

Since I take the brand called Lauricidin, it is possible to customize the dose. You don't have to take the standard dose, which is 50 pearls, twice a day.

I usually take tiny doses of everything. My maintenance dose is one pearl, every other day. When I'm fighting a virus I take one pearl every day or even -- gasp -- two pearls. Most people will be able to tolerate more of it.

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