Most Recent Number of Covid "related" Deaths Worldwide


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Interesting info I heard from a Demographer on Coast to Coast last night and know this is in no way making light of what the World has been thru with Covid "related" deaths.

In the World, there are close to 7.7 Billion population, and as of about early March about 3 Million people have died of the Covid related deaths. Related deaths can be from Heart issues. Obesity, Older people, and it goes on and on.

There will NEVER be real truths on any of this.

So my friend is doing a calculation on the percentage that have died and it's very low. This can be about .04% have died.

This is NOT the latest figures, but an idea of the number.

We are being kept in fear and none of this information is put out to the mainstream media population....keep the population the dark and in fear is what is going on.

In closing this segment of the show, the host, George Noory believes that more are coming down with more covid virus who have gotten the vaccines. Could be true as many who get seasonal flu vaccines often end up with the flu.

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All across the USA you can see a big hidden eugenics push from both the democrats and the republicans. Trump sterilized illegal aliens and attacked social programs (housing, food stamps). Biden signed off on a US mail vaping ban that will increase tobacco smoking deaths. Also in the USA we have a disability system that considers you a faker unless you go through years of appeals-which increases homelessness and lowers access to healthcare, government subsidies to the sugar industry, Governor Cuomo killed thousands of elderly in nursing homes by infecting them with coronavirus-19 and there is censorship and lack of promotion of effective nutritional recommendations that would lower covid deaths. With ME the book Osler's Webb by Hillary Johnson shows how the NIH director was influenced by the insurance industry to do a propagada campaign to portray ME as a mental disease so they could limit long term disability claims to two years. The probably want to do the same thing for long covid.


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By that sort of math, what was all the fuzz about Less then 15'000 deaths spread over roughly 30 outbreaks and half a century. Did they seriously need to lock down local very poor African communities for that, have doctors and nurses in biohazard suits and isolate, spray and desinfict entire villages?

If there were "only" 3'000'0000 recorded deaths to Covid so far, then it is thanks to the strict measures. Personally, I would have preferred a few months of very stringent worldwide measures and having only 30'000 deaths due to Covid and then the disease to be contained and extinct. Imagine the waste that would have been for a disease only causing 30'000 deaths.

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