Mountain Wheelchair Project

Hello all. My daughter, who previously won the "Junior Adventurer of the Year" competition, was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis last year and almost overnight found herself bound to a wheelchair. Unable to get into the great outdoors I watched as her love of life began to slowly ebb away. We looked at many existing wheelchair designs to help get her back into the mountains and reignite her passion but could not find any that were suitable for the type of off-road terrain which we had in mind. It seemed I had no option but to design and build one myself. The design process and early tests have gone incredibly well (see image below and for more information visit our mountain wheelchair blog). The reason I'm reaching out to the community is because over Christmas my daughter began to make a miraculous recovery and I'm unwilling to let go of the hope that she might be able to get back into the mountains under her own steam. I know that posting in a community like this in search of funding is frowned upon, but now that my daughter is getting better it does mean that a project which could have a positive impact on the lives of many others might now go unfulfilled. To help prevent this incredible project disappearing into the ether, please, take a look at our blog and if you think it’s worthwhile then get in touch. Any funding advice will be greatly appreciated.


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