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I stumbled upon this fictional movie called 'Sonata for Cello' (2015), about a cellist whose health is inexplicably declining and is finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

synopsis said:
Julia, an attractive and elegant woman, is a renowned cellist devoted to her music. After years of intermittent pain in different parts of her body, Julia is finally given the diagnosis: fibromyalgia, a chronic medical disorder that has no known cause or cure. She soon finds herself submerged in a personal state of hell, struggling against her own body.

I think a fictional movie is an interesting way to let people get an idea about what it's like to have this illness. I do wonder (haven't seen the film) if fibromyalgia is depicted realistically? She gets a brain scan and the doctor says: 'It's a clear case of FM.' I doubt that is how most patients get a diagnosis? (The movie reminds me of another movie, based on the real story of Jacqueline du Pré, an extremely talented cellist who got MS at age 28 and quickly lost her ability to play...)


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@Who Me? I just read an article about that movie. about how the portrayal of chronic pain was good, but the media made it all about pain killer addiction.
But rather than discussing this film as a great step forward for a nuanced portrayal of what it’s like for someone to experience chronic pain, I feel the media has used this movie instead as a cautionary tale of addiction.

And in this decision they’ve also rendered the movie a flat, one-note concept. They’ve stripped away the essence of Aniston’s character’s journey, and distanced themselves from the very point “Cake” is trying to make: Bodies are fallible.

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