Multidimensional program is the ticket for Michelle

Multidimensional program is the ticket for Michelle


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Cort submitted a new resource:

Multidimensional program is the ticket for Michelle - Diet, supplements and mindfulness practices are the winning combination

Huge amounts can be done for some forms of ME/CFS by dietary changes so consider whether that would apply to you – no one ever gets well on a poor or unsuitable diet.

Listen to your body and trust your own instincts – don't try to fit yourself into another person's mould. Also don't expect others to treat you well – most have no comprehension.

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Thanks to Michelle and everyone else who takes the time to write about their experience and what has helped them once they have recovered. I read them with interest and know they are offered in a sincere desire to help others.

I see that most of these recovery stories involve dietary changes and stress reduction and a strong desire to get well. I wonder though how many of these recoveries are really just a result of time and things we don't yet adequately understand such as genetic makeup? And therefore people who do not recover perhaps should not blame themselves for not trying hard enough.

I and my children got post-viral syndrome/CFS at the same time. After two years, my daughter is almost completely recovered but my son and I are not. I can not see any differences between the three of us that might account for that different outcome. We all have a healthy diet (but ate well before getting sick too) but none of us have followed a severely restricted diet for any length of time. We were not particularly stressed before getting ill; if anything, my son is the most laidback of all of us. I am taking a very wide range of supplements, my son is not and yet neither of us are getting better.

Of course, eating well and not being stressed can only help with recovery and making changes in these directions can help us feel as if we are taking control of our illness. So, probably most people with this illness have made dietary and lifestyle changes. Most of those fortunate people who get well, with hindsight, will naturally assume the efforts they made had some impact. However I expect that there would be just as many people who have made the same changes and have not got well.


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Very possible. There arre more recovery stories coming. There are stories in which someone finds "the thing' and they're well. I don't know how common they are.

We'll have some antiviral stories like that but even then Dr. Lerner - the physician for many of them - stresses pacing and stress reduction! We really won't know until we have studies and god knows when that is going to happen...

Since Rituximab takes such a long time to work - my guess is that we can trust many of those :))). There's also Montoya's intriguing study suggesting that the longer his patients took antivirals the better they did.

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