My doc and I watched "Unrest"

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    My MDVIP doc and I watched Unrest. I'm really tired from all that shared emotion. My first response is honestly, I'm depressed now. I'm almost never depressed by my situation. I consciously avoid feeling that way, but this has overwhelmed me.

    On a positive note, he seemed to really understand the message and grasped that it was a global phenomenon with serious consequences. I think he had doubts about it. I have doubts about it. And we both feel helpless in the situation. Communicating about it really helped.

    We made a plan to investigate three possible causes in my case,

    *CCI (there are some signs of this in my medical history)
    *adrenal medullary dysfunction (my morning cortisol is low)
    *cardiological problem (taking the cue from Dr. Cheney's insight that heart disease can cause profound fatigue)

    Another possible avenue is gynecological, since more women than men get it. And since I have a history of good response to Lupron, Long story but it helps with PCOS and overall health.

    The first test in any direction, is an echo cardiogram / stress test. I've already warned all doctors not to expect any responses from me for at least two weeks after.

    I dread the day when I can't even seek solutions because going to a doctor is too hard. But I keep telling myself that won't happen, it's not that severe, I have to keep trying.

    But today, it's really hard to do that. I feel hollowed out and lost and like a raindrop in a typhoon of uncontrollable fate. Still I'm so grateful for that movie. Without it... I could never have communicated that clearly.
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