NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique)

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  1. I'm considering meeting with a local practitioner of NAET (a nutritionist who also practices something called Biogmanetic pair therapy) but wanted to crowd-source with you all first. Has anyone tried this therapy and had any positive results? Per my old allergist I have a bunch of allergies to mold, pollen, dust, etc. and brain fog and my flu-like symptoms get much worse for me during allergy season (i.e. right now). So, it seems logical that desensitizing to allergens would help, even minorly. I've read that it can help the body rid itself of toxins, viruses, heavy metals, etc. because it helps balance immune functioning.

    Here's the website for those who want to read more about what it purports to do: NAET

    Any thoughts? Snake oil? A push in the right direction? Placebo?

    Thanks for your time.
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  2. Edie

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    Hi Greg. I just can't recommend NAET enough. I've had FM for 21 years and started having major problems with allergies about 12 years ago. I got to the point where all I could eat was meat & vegetables. Pretty boring! My Naturopath Doctor told me, after a blood test that, I could no longer eat dairy or sugar. When I stopped eating those 2, my brain function and sleep quality improved dramatically. Unfortunately I continued to experience more allergies as time went on. The only allergy I had besides food was to the rubber gloves I was wearing to do dishes. It caused severe splits on my finger tips that were extremely painful because they exposed the nerve endings. It was about that time that I read about Naet. It only took the one treatment and 25 hours later I could wear the gloves again and in no time my fingers were completely healed. Throughout the past years I've had over 30 NAET treatments and am back eating all the food I love again. I did have treatments for dairy and sugar twice, but within 3 months those 2 were bothering me again, so I just stopped eating them for good. In doctor Jacob Teitelbaum's book "THE FATIGUE & FIBROMYALGIA SOLUTION' he says that treating adrenal problems will help the allergy problems and since my ND put me on an adrenal supplement, the allergies have stopped! I still cannot tolerate the dairy or sugar though. I did write 2 blogs for Health Rising where I explain exactly how Naet is done. They're titled "17 YEARS UNDER THE CARE OF A ND. FOR FM. You can find them on Health Rising by clicking on home and scrolling down to supplements, if you're interested. I'd be more than happy to answer any further questions on NAET. Be sure that you do not touch what you've been treated for, for the full 25 hours. It takes a bit of planning ahead to make sure you do not come in contact with the allergen when you return home. Good luck and I'm sure Naet will be of great help!
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  3. GracieJ

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    Based on Chinese meridians. It works great! I have seen it do amazing things. My daughter has Graves' disease, and because of NAET she has been able to move forward and have her family with risk factors mitigated. Her doctors are astounded that she can do this without meds or high drama - and with her thyroid intact. She has three active little boys running around driving her crazy! :wacky: NAET played a huge role in getting them here.

    I started treatments about two years ago, and have had to take it slowly for one reason or another. I have chosen to remain off several foods I was allergic to, due to the way those foods are produced now, namely soy, wheat, corn, and most dairy. The factors that produced the allergy are still present. Just not good for anyone anymore.

    A caveat for those of us with M.E. - it does/can tend to take longer on the treatments; we are very resistant! I am having MCS worked on currently.

    If I find symptoms coming back, it is an easy fix. Most people, the fix with NAET is permanent, and gets stronger as the full program is done, and the immune system gets back into gear. With M.E., it is a crap shoot. My doctor just scratches his head when I am back again to re-treat. The difference? I can stay free of, say, mast cell activation issues for weeks or months. That is a huge thing to say! One visit when it acts up again, and I am free again. So there is no saying what it will do for any one person, but it is worth it to be free of some symptoms for a good long length of time.

    The future prognosis for me has been that as I get more areas treated fully, other pieces should hold better.

    I cannot stress enough how good it feels to feel symptoms LEAVE right as they are being worked on! My favorite "thing" to be treated is brain function. I feel like a person again.

    It is really important to do the entire program, start to finish, starting with foods then moving into chemicals, pollens, dander, etc. That way, the body's energies are freed up to fully fight the worst of it, and isn't cycling back into stuff again.
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  4. GracieJ

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    I am about to start on a superfood program that just happens to have corn silk in it, among about 50 awesome food components. Corn is my worst allergy. Total nightmare, that one. I will take the drink powder to my NAET practitioner and work on any possible reaction to keep it turned off. I believe this particular nutrition drink is what I have searched for for many years to help rebuild my immune system. Maybe as I rebuild my immune system, things like NAET work even better. Thank goodness I have access to NAET to attempt this. I would not even dare otherwise. Odd synergy, to be sure, using one technique to turn off a response so the technique can work even better later. So goes M.E. treatment in general!
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  5. Cort

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    Like many things I've heard it works very well for some people and others don't get a response. I've wanted to try it for awhile. I think the responses that some people get are too good to be just placebo. May you be a responder. Good luck! :wacky:
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    I'll be the counterpoint. Could have been my practitioner, could have been me, but I didn't get a whole lot out of it other than a hole in my wallet. It felt a lot like snake oil. I understand acupuncture, and meridians, and eastern medicine, but NAET didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Holding a closed vial that supposedly contains an allergen and then having a woman shine a red pointer at my ankles and other meridians seems a bit hokey. I gave it a good try but did not have any success.
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  7. Yes, the results are as I expected. @Edie Thank you for the detailed response, and I'm so glad to hear you've gotten some relief for it and I appreciate the pointers. I'll check out your post.

    @GracieJ thank you for your suggestions and story. I too have gone off of dairy, soy, grains, etc. because of the way many are processed, allergies, and inflammatory properties. What you're saying resonates with how the NAET lady described the process to me, with an emphasis on "balancing the immune system." She also mentioned that it's not a quick fix, but rather an ongoing process, as you're alluding to. Really glad you've gotten some relief from it.

    @Upgrayedd Thanks for sharing. It really seems to be hit or miss and I agree that the mechanism sounds a little odd. I had a functional med. chiropractor do test the supplements I was taking by placing the bottles at the center of my "energy field" (my heart/chest) and applying kinesiological muscle testing by trying to push my arms down while I resisted. What we found was that any of the supplements I was taking with additives/chemicals (those not in pure-form) weakened my energy field. It was weird. But the results were consisted time and again. At this point, I don't really know who or what to consider a viable source haha. That's why I come to you all. Sorry you weren't helped more by it.
  8. Upgrayedd

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    Yeah, I've had that test too. It's a pretty standard part of NAET.

    Believe me when I say, no one wants to believe that a treatment will work any more than I do. But it doesn't take much imagination to see that that test is an incredibly subjective one, easily manipulated, whether intentionally or subconsciously, by either participant, the subject or the person administering the test. It is not scientific and it is not proof of anything.

    If people come away from NAET with positive results, I say great and don't look back. It doesn't matter how or why it works. For those suffering, a win is a win.

    But it didn't work for me, and I can't say I saw anything, including this energy field test, that made any scientific sense whatsoever and made me believe it could work.
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  9. madie

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    I had no results from NAET. I liked and trusted the practitioners, but nothing shifted with my major symptoms - insomnia, low energy, and cognitive issues.
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  10. Danesh

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    Greg Zanchelli, two years since you planned to do NAET. How did it go for you?