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I am nearly fully recovered from fibro. I fully recovered from pain, pretty severe brain fog and fatigue, tingling, intestinal problems, light sensitivity, and frequent rashes in response to foods and pills/supplements. My energy level is about 85% recovered at this point. This is the only remaining symptom.

After months of experimenting and research, I developed the following protocol:

The most important component for me is thiamine, Vit. B1. I recovered from severe brain fog/fatigue overnight by taking 20 mg. B1 in a high dose B Complex and vitamin supplement. The brand I use is natural and sourced from whole foods. Over the next six months, I slowly continued to recover and experiment with other treatments. I added magnesium since B1 supplementation can deplete magnesium (as well as zinc, potassium and a few other vitamins. I found that high quality vitamins/diet covered those needs.). In addition, several things were helpful:

- CES devise. I purchased a $100 CES device on amazon to help with insomnia and mood. I use at a low setting, 5 or 6 for 30 minutes for insomnia. Not a 100% perfect cure, but it helps a lot. If I really can’t sleep, I take 500 mg of L- tryptophan.

- Malic acid. I take about 100 mg. daily, which helps with energy levels

- ALC supplementation helped me over the finish line to recovery. It restored my energy levels significantly. However, it can cause insomnia for me. As long as I stick to a very low dose – about a 16th of one pill, I get the benefits without side effects.

- I already maintained a very healthy diet and a daily exercise routine before I experienced fibro. I’m sure this foundation helped. My diet is pescatarian – plenty of organic produce, nuts, and beans. I have been gluten-free for years. I do consume gluten free whole grains – oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, etc. I have fish at least twice/wk.

When I developed fibro, I found I needed more protein. Eggs are now essential. I eat eggs about 5 times/week. If I start to feel fatigued, a few days of eggs daily really helps. I also eat more yogurt and high quality cheese. I try to eat pasture raised eggs and dairy when possible. I do not eat any foods that contain dyes, additives, etc. I also avoid any additives in supplements. Almost all additives cause rashes for me.

- During the week, I do about 45 minutes of cardio and weight training daily. On the weekends, I hike and practice yoga. As long as I respect my limits, working out is essential for mood, energy and general health.

A number of other supplements/changes that I think have contributed to my recovery include:

- 5htp, I need very little, 100 mg./day
- NAC supplement, 1200 mg./day
- Vit. D, 1,000 mg/ day
- ALA Supplement, 500 mg./day
- Collagen powder daily
- Cutting back on caffeine and alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol deplete Vit. B 1. In the first months of my recovery, limiting caffeine and alcohol was very important. Now, I don’t overdo it, but it’s less of an issue.
- LED red light therapy
- Myofascial release therapy – really helped with muscle pain

Overall, my recovery is a lifestyle, not a one-time cure. It took about six months to recover on the protocol above. However, I would say that Thiamine is close to a cure for me – tremendous improvements on 20 mg. daily.

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Really happy for you, that's great to hear!

Have you also been practicing pacing or any mindset work during these six months?


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Really happy for you, that's great to hear!

Have you also been practicing pacing or any mindset work during these six months?
Thank you! Not particularly, though I did believe I would find a solution, most days anyway.

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