Need advise, should I take a broad spectrum antib?


TLTR: I have to drive cross country in a few days and I've been fighting a sinuse infection for 3 weeks. I think I should take a broad spectrum antibiotic, but I'm worried of giving myself a CFS/Fibro flair. What to do?

so I need advice and I know what my ENT and asthma doc would say and that they have no clue about ME/CFS/ Fibro so coming here to get advise from folks who get it.

Backstory: chronic severe asthma since birth, Santer's triad (polyps), chronic sinusitis for 20 years. History of 5-6 sinus infections per year. Few years ago had emergency level allergic reaction to targeted (for upper respiratory infection) antibiotic. Docs said no more antibiotics unless it's been more than 3-4 weeks. Since I stopped using antibiotics to treat my sinus infections I now have only been getting about 2 a year.

Gradual onset of me/CFS/Fibro about 7 years ago (no viral trigger), progressively worse in last 3 years.

Got a sinus infection 3 weeks ago, was feeling better than Saturday it came back much worse and went into my lungs so I started treating with high doses of allicin (garlic, which is an excellent antibiotic at very high doses), and a Bactriban nasal spray and Tibetan herbs for sinus infection. Started feeling better.

Sunday night I didnt sleep due to nausea , stomach cramps, diarrhea. Monday could not eat drink due to nausea so didn't take allicin, herbs, Bactriban.

Monday was either the worst flu body aches I've ever had in my life or the worst Fibro flair I've ever had. Every muscle, bone, joint hurt, also severe abdominal and kidney cramps. couldn't sleep for almost 36 hours and couldn't take sleep or pain meds due to nausea (if I thought I could endure the waiting room at the ER I would have gone for morphine iv) Nausea improved enough Monday night to get pain and sleep meds on board but such a wreck forget to restart allicin.

Today pain is better, nausea gone but sinus infection and bronchitis back with a vengeance. And because I had started knocking back the bacteria with allicin and Bactriban and then stopped I've made these buggars resistant to it!

So I'm back in bed. But I have to drive across country in a few days, I can't wait 3 weeks for my poor tired immune system to slowly fight this off. I'm thinking of taking amoxicillin. But I'm scared I'll get a flair of stomach issues or maybe a CFS/Fibro flair. So friends, what would you do?

(Copious para breaks added for Minx ;)
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@goldenapple Thanks for thinking of me with paragraphs. I appreciate it.

Anyway, I'm sorry to say I can't really help you with this. Not something I know that much about. Let me change that. I know nothing about this.

I'll tag @Remy and @Strike me lucky and see if one of them can help you. They are much smarter than me.

I tried Garlic. It was gross. Tasted it all the time, belched it up, not good for me.

Good luck. Nausea is THE WORST!!!!


I wish I had something useful to offer!

If antibiotics made you feel better, I'd say go for it but it sounds like it's hit or miss either way. I think you'll have to pick the lesser of two evils unfortunately.

I've heard that saline rinses with baby shampoo break up biofilm in the sinuses. Maybe that's an idea?

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I'm not kidding 1 1/2 days on colloidal silver and I feel hugely better. (Except for my pizza pig out)

I did more today than I've done in a few weeks.

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Sometimes we need longer courses of abx than dr's usually prescribe especially for chronic sinusitis. Sometimes maybe 3 weeks of say augmentin. I have had some success with beg nasal spray which is a combo of abx and was also taking augmentin, this helped. But i think because our immune system is baggered it can end up being a constant battle. I just always have abx on hand now. I use saline sprays and before hand use a decongestant spray to open sinuses and then spray the hell out of them with saline spray. I have used the silver spray too which has helped.

Many talk about co-infections but sinusitis doesnt usually get a mention but i sure think its a co-infection because of our immune dysfunction.

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I'm on 2 abx after augmentin and the only thing that has helped is the colloidal silver.

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