Need ideas for having friends help w/ research online

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    Hi all. I'm on here rarely, (though I usually look at blog titles, and print out ones I want to read.) I have severe sensory overload, so light sensitivity keeps me off my tablet... and I'm usually sick when I do use it. I have finally recruited several friends to help scan or read and summarize posts, articles, and forum threads. I'm looking for all new treatment ideas, recovery stories, practical info to help me and my daughter. We are both housebound. Her eye issues from FM and sensory overload are much worse-- she cannot look at lit screens or even read or write.
    Can any of you who use this wonderful site make suggestions as to how I can best utilize my friends' help? Which parts of Healthrising do you find most helpful for yourselves? Do you have any ways of searching that work best in forums? It's like a maze to me.... I get dizzy after moving through three or four subgroups!
    Nausea here again... have to stop. Thank you!!!
    PS I have tried many times to get my android phone (which I can hardly look at, even with FLUX) to work with the Text to voice.... I forgot what it's called. But to no avail, and others have same experience. Can't afford an Iphone, which I hear works well for people like me, who need a program to read aloud internet articles and web pages.
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    I got a windows 10 tablet floor model at a local Staples for around $150, I don't do anything private on it, but it's wonderful because, it's more flexible than a phone, it has touch screen, and it has all the latest text to voice stuff on it. With one of those speech to text programs (Dragon Naturally Speaking), it can learn so you can dictate to it. Downside is, no CD/DVD player, and very few USB slots. But even one is one more than a phone. Other downside, keep it updated or it will shut down on you suddenly to 'reboot' when it 'needs' to.

    Have a friend seek a bargain for you?