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  1. Remy

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    I'm working on a blog post review of Neil Nathan's new book, Toxic. He says that the kind of binder depends on what exactly you are trying to bind .Cholestyramine worked great for the main toxin Shoemaker saw, but he has a whole list of what to take for what in the book .

    If you want to tell me what you are treating, I can look it up .
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  2. Stetson28

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    Thank you that would be helpful, I would vote for common infections like.
    Borelia (Lyme)
    Liver flukes
    E coli

    I think most of these reside in the family of Aldehydes it's why people do well with ammonia binders
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  3. Remy

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    C55505BD-FE14-41D6-8E78-4D844AF1ACD1.jpeg View attachment 3079
    Sorry it has taken me so long! I needed to double check, but the book only gives specifics for mold binders. Here’s the chart.
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    Thank you Remy
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    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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