New treatment to kill EBV?


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I was just thinking. Ebv would have to be a new just diagnosed infection since there is no way to tell if you've been sick for years if your virus is active or not.

That's one of the big discussions. There are no tests to determine that.

Not sure how it would treat QOL. Still interesting.
Yeah I recently got a very thorough reply from Dr. Teitelbaum answering my question re high titers/anti-virals and was ready to start Famvir and then Dr. Naviaux came out with his thoughts. I'd think this better to try than anti virals though until the issue of whether high titers are recurring infection or not gets resolved, if ever.


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Yeah I'll probably start on Famvir although Aclycvir didn't help. As for if they're bad, Dr.Naviaux thinks anti virals in the absence of infection can cause damage to the mitochondria and he doesn't think high titers mean infection. But of course it's all theory and opinion at this point.


I was looking for a functional medicine doc in Boulder CO and was intrigued when I saw this device that's being used on various chronic conditions. Has anyone heard or know anything about it? Betsy
I had a version of this when I first got sick in 2009. It didn't help me unfortunately. I also had some trouble with it because my blood was hypercoaguable and very sticky which made it much more difficult.


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Another rough guide that may indicate a chronic viral infection or bacterial for that matter, if any white blood cell, lymphocytes or neutrophils are high or low can indicate infections. Cd8 t lymphocytes being high is commonly high in herpes infections like ebv, cmv, hhv6. And doing these tests say 3 months apart with similar results can help clarify it being more chronic rather then some acute viral/flu type infection.

Also if nk function and or numbers were low it would also make sense that one could be more prone to herpes type infections.
I was very surprised when I went to Stanford that absolutely no immune studies were done, but I emailed The PA I saw and she ordered the Famvir.


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Yeah that's why I try to keep up on various things Although I understand the folks who after decades of trying finally throw in the towel, try to pace and say let me know when there's a cure.

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