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New York Times Reviews Unrest

Discussion in 'ME/CFS and FM News' started by Cort, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    Unrest has made it to the big times - the New York Times has reviewed it. It's wasn't Manohla Dargas and the review is short but its mostly positive - a good sign for the biggest and most influential media outlet in the country.

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  2. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    Unrest Virtual Screening Tickets Available

    UNREST virtual screening tickets are now available!

    Link to purchase via Eventbrite: http://see.unrest.film/showtimes/

    These select virtual screenings are intended to make the film accessible to folks who can't travel and/or experience UNREST in theaters. To purchase, you must live within 100 miles of our theatrical cities: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Seattle.

    There is limited space so tickets are first come, first served!

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  3. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    They should at least have one in Canada......if it was by Toronto that would be even better. ;)
  4. GG

    GG Well-Known Member

    There is one in Toronto according to the Website given before. I just typed in Toronto where it says "Search" and came up with this :)



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  5. Abrin

    Abrin Well-Known Member

    There isn't a Virtual Screening in Toronto though. All the Virtual Screenngs are in the US. :(

  6. IrisRV

    IrisRV Well-Known Member

    Agreed. My daughter in Halifax will be very disappointed that she can't see the virtual screening. She quite reasonably doesn't want to encourage people to see 'Unrest' until she's seen it herself, but is eager to raise awareness.
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  7. GG

    GG Well-Known Member

    I get that, I am working on getting Unrest into theaters relatively local to me, would be nice to see it 1st, but 1 place is already interested just from talking to me and viewing the trailer!

    ME Action sent an email this morning:

    "The Time for Unrest has come to New York!

    If you can't make it to the theaters to see UNREST at the IFC in New York City this weekend, you can see it right from your bed!

    We have created two virtual screenings for those unable to physically come to a screening. We have a limited number of virtual seats, so please only purchase a virtual ticket if you have ME, other chronic illness, a disability, or caregiving tasks that prevent you from traveling to the theater.

    You can easily watch from your tablet, phone, or hook up to your TV!
    Get virtual tickets here: http://see.unrest.film/showtimes/

    Note: You will need to change the screening search criteria from "community, theatrical and festivals" to "virtual screenings" in the drop down menu.

    There is limited space so tickets are first come, first served! So buy now!"