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Prohealth's recent blog on Niagen - a product they sell - suggests it may offer a new and possibly more effective way to boost energy production by the mitochondria. Check out the whole blog at the link below:
Have you heard about NIAGEN®? As the first and only commercially available "NAD+ booster," NIAGEN made headlines late in 2014 when an animal study demonstrated it had unique mitochondria-enhancing and anti-aging activities. Now, researchers have announced promising early results of a new clinical trial that suggests NIAGEN may have the same beneficial effects in humans.

Based on this new study, scientists are proposing that NIAGEN may increase our mitochondrial power in multiple ways: It may "charge" mitochondria to fire with peak energy, promote youthful performance of mitochondria, and "fertilize" mitochondria to proliferate efficiently throughout the body.

These mitochondria-supportive activities have compelled researchers to suggest NIAGEN as a potential therapy for a broad range of mitochondrial health concerns.1 Both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM) fall under this category, having both been linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.2


What NIAGEN Might Mean for CFS/FM

So what potential benefits might people experience by raising their blood NAD+ levels with NIAGEN? If the human study echoes the animal study as early results suggest, then NIAGEN may restore healthy NAD+ levels and activate SIRT1, which in turn may help to:
  • Enhance mitochondria performance: NIAGEN may raise blood levels of NAD+, which is critical for cell energy metabolism and mitochondrial function.
  • Boost mitochondria number: NIAGEN may help activate SIRT1 enzymes, which in turn enhance the proliferation of mitochondria – multiplying their life-energy output and restoring their youthful peak performance.
  • Support healthy longevity: NIAGEN’s activation of SIRT1 enzymes may also mimic the effects of calorie restriction, the only clinically supported pathway for extending maximum life span.
For CFS/FM patients, whole-body enhancement of mitochondrial function may bring feelings of better day-to-day vitality, while activation of SIRT1 enzymes may quietly support healthy cell longevity behind the scenes.

Healthier mitochondrial performance is suggested to have additional health benefits too, across physical stamina, weight loss, heart health, mental sharpness and more.

The recent human study on NIAGEN is awaiting publication, but NIAGEN supplements are available in the meantime. NIAGEN is typically presented in capsule form, supplying a serving size of 500 mg Nicotinamide Riboside (NR)

Who Me?

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I hadn't heard of this so I looked around. Reviews are mixed, many on Amazon (a different brand) said they noticed no difference after several months.

Doctors Best has a product with niagen in it at a lower dose for about $10 less.

Doesn't make me want to run out and get some.


I tried this effect.

To get to the doses studied is really cost prohibitive as well.

Plus there is the detrimental effect of niacin on methylation to be considered as well. Not that niacin doesn't have a place in supplementation but just something to watch out for if taking high doses long term.


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Tried this 250mg a day. For 6 weeks. Very expensive. Didn't make any difference unfortunately. It's seems it works well for people aged 70+ according to the reviews.

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