NIH Stumbles: Asks ME/CFS Denier to Speak on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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    There is a very interesting clip on You Tube where Maurice Hilleman ( was head of Merck vaccine division at one point) is interviewed by Edward Shorter - maybe 20 or so years ago. It is about a 10 minute clip. Search for Maurice Hilleman Edward Shorter. One version is posted by 911truthncD.

    It is of great interest that Hilleman and Shorter discuss the wild viruses that were present in the early polio vaccines. Hilleman detected SV 40 virus in the early Sabin vaccines, and ultimately gave a presentation at international meetings concerning the detection of nondetectable viruses - in the context of vaccine development. The presence of these wild primate viruses in the monkeys used for vaccine development were of great concern to Hilleman.

    So, it is interesting that Shorter has been aware, for decades!!!, of the problem of using animal tissue for vaccine development due to the presence of viruses that are difficult to detect. Just 6 years ago pig circovirus DNA was found in the rotavirus vaccine that had already been given to millions of infants.
    Circovirus virus in pigs causes severe immunosuppression and possible death. Please read all you can.

    After thinking about this all day, and more reading, I have a strong intuitive feeling that Shorter knows more than we appreciate about the virus or viruses that may be responsible for the onset of CFS.

    There has been much research ( i.e. Genetic manipulation) in potential biowarfare viruses and bacteria - both here and in other countries. Just last year a dangerous bacterium, Burkholderia pseudomallei, escaped from a high- security lab at Tulane. And what were they doing with this organism and how did it escape?

    Read The River by Edward Hooper. Read the statement of Dr. William Thompson, lead CDC vaccine scientist on how the MMR vaccine data was manipulated ( in violation of research protocol) to show no cause
    effect relationship between autism and MMR vaccine - when, in fact , there was a 300 plus percent increase in autism in MMR vaccinated black boys.

    There is much we have not been told.
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    I loved The River - I don't think that its been validated but what a great read - wow...That's one of my top ten science books.
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    Thanks for helping to shine a light on this, @Cort. It's appalling to read what Shorter is touting and it's really sad that such mean-spirited individuals exist let alone get to present to the NIH. It's fairly obvious that even a successful treatment for CFS will not necessarily change Shorter's opinion. He could simply say that the patient is no longer a malingerer. He has nothing to lose from taking this position.

    My colleague, Gerard Pereira and I would love to share some of our work with you. Most notably in this context that we can replicate the cardinal features of the disease in healthy rats—essentially proving that the diseases has nothing to do with choice! Personally, I think we should let Shorter make his pitch, and then permanently ‘shut him up’ with data!

    Please get it touch with us if you would like to discuss our work in detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you for all you do!!
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    First, I know it is biological.

    Second, you can't get enough data out of 40 people anyway.

    Third. Did I say Patsy? I meant in on not proving anything and only giving the psychiatric paradigm the leverage.
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    I have had good and bad, believers and non believers, but my present GP, has virtually just let himself known as the "closet disbeliever"! After requesting a benefit letter, his secretary constantly made mistakes and the letters were returned 3 times for this to be handed to a panel including a judge. He obviously got pissed off about this and with many confirmations from other professionals on his system, his words began with " i do not wish to regurgitate your own words into this letter and i deal with medical information not benefits applications"! After many weeks of dealing with the stress and a decline in mental and physical conditions, this man, knowing i was virtually sucicidal and bed ridden with it all, sent those words. I of course, replied with a point by point retort and copied all the info he actually had on his computer BUT having no other GP's in the area with space on their lists, i am now left with a GP who basically does not give a toss! I encountered a psychiatrist and a neuropsychiatrist in the past couple of years, who were so bad, i removed myself from any CMHT involvement in the basically, it is go it alone once again.
    The lack of empathy and knowledge these people display daily, is life changing for many and a constant source of stress.
    Incidentally, i never got a reply to my extensive dismissal and proven information, of his "opinion"!
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    This coming from a biomedical researcher. This guy's comments are scientific bulls***!!!