Nimodipine from Canada to Australia


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Has anyone from Australia ordered nimodipine from a Canadian pharmacy? I will (probably) have a prescription to try it soon, but buying it in Australia is very expensive, unless my specialist makes an appeal to the manufacturer that is granted.

It appears to be legal to have a three month supply of medication sent to you in Australia as long as you have a prescription and it is mot a controlled substance.

Just wondering whether anyone had succeeded.

Katherine Autry

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I once ordered a 6 month supply of thyroid medication from a prominent Canadian pharmacy. It was intercepted by customs, who sent it to the FDA, who destroyed it. I did not know it was an issue! We exchanged correspondence which did not end satisfactorily. Much ado about nothing, seems like there are better ways to employ our civil servants, but that's off topic.

The pharmacy reached out to me and when they learned that the medication had been destroyed, they promptly sent me a replacement, which arrived successfully. So, no harm, no foul, other than a lot of unnecessary stress for the sick person.


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@Katherine Autry , I’m sorry to hear about that. I wonder how the FDA got involved when it was being sent to Australia. Maybe it went via the US?

I’m gald the pharmacy was helpful.

I will check how mine will be sent before ordering.


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Well, I found out from one Canadian pharmacy that it arranges to dispatch some medications directly from US suppliers to the customer. (I mean, how weird is that? Or maybe I am not caught up on modern life.)

So the nimodipine comes from a US supplier, and that supplier would not post it to me in Australia.

I am too tired at the moment to spend days trying to find a Canadian pharmacy that actually keeps nimodipine in Canada and can send it to me, if such an organisation exists.

But I did hear back from Bayer Australia, and it has a compassionate access scheme. So I will go down that path if needed.

(I’m trying some other everyday-type calcium channel blockers at the moment, and one of those may work. Fingers crossed!)

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