No more Acupuncture!


This thread is mostly for those who responded to my previous posts about Acupuncture. I have had five treatments since July and have felt zero improve in my symptoms or overall well being.
I have done tons of reading on this subject since it was very difficult for me to make this decision since I truly had high hopes it would help at least a little. What prompted me to come to this decision was an article written by Dr. Lam who does a lot with adrenal fatigue. He wrote an article about being extremely tired or "crashed" after Acupuncture and it sounded exactly what happens to me.
After my last treatment two weeks ago I came home very tired and the following two days I was drained and exhausted unable to do anything. It's not my normal crash feeling but much worse. Then afterwards I feel no better and go back to my normal....
This was when I read the article and realized she is draining my adrenals of what little energy I have and crashing me. I know your body uses its own energy to heal but when you have a short limited supply this just doesn't work. I feel bad enough on a daily basis and don't really need this.
I will see her next month and bring the article with me and let her know I am done. I feel I need to close the chapter on this in person since she is truly a thoughtful and very caring practitioner. If anyone decides to try Acupuncture you can contact me and I will detail more what this experience was like...thanks to all who took the time to write in my previous posts.

Another thing...I actually feel like she has sent me backwards as I am feeling more mentally exhausted quicker and my sleep has become much more disturbed.


Sorry you had that experience
Accupuncture caused a little herx at one time and it helps me to sleep
I can't say for sure it would help CFS.

I am wondering if you had a skilled practitioner


Yes...she is a skilled practitioner. She is licensed and works for Duke Hospital so I would assume that. I will say she totally seemed to understand what my symptoms are and how affected I am by them. I didn't have to spend a lot of time trying to explain them...since to me they are bizarre.
I know she truly felt she could help me as she was so positive each time I saw her....but it just didn't work out that way.


My experience is that it is very much down to the skill of the individual practitioner.

For me acupuncture has usually helped when I get into a relentless cycle of severe migraine when I have seen a qualified Chinese doctor. I have seen various other practitioners over the years but many of these have been completely ineffective so I quickly cancel any further appointments with them.

If after say 4 treatments over a month, there has been no improvements then I wouldn't continue.

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