Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulating Devices

Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulating Devices


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Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulating Devices - Companies which produce non-invasive VNS devices

  • NEMOS is an ear device available in Europe only. It appears to have been tested in over 15 clinical studies.
  • The GammaCore device produced by a New Jersey company ElecroCore LLC has been cleared in Europe to treat severe headache (migraine, cluster), reactive airway diseases (asthma, COPD, exercise induced bronchospasm), epilepsy, IBS,...

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Just wondering, do cranial electrotherapy devices (CES) stimulate the vagus nerve also? I have a bio tuner that got put in a drawer and forgotten about. I read on this site about people using TENS machines to this end. I presume if the adapted TENS works by attaching to the earlobes then that's prettt much the same as thr Bio Tuner?

It's all so confusing!

Katherine Autry

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What about the nirvana product for 280? Anyone tried that, and with what result? Does anyone know if the tech ologies are all the same? If so, why the big difference in price
? Thanks for any info.


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Interesting that the FisherWallace product does not use the term "vagus nerve" anywhere that I can find. Maybe it's better build quality than the Nervana? However the Nervana looks more fun. I like the idea of it syncing its vibrations to local ambient sounds. FisherWallace instructs more limited usage (like two 20-minute treatments a day until symptoms subside), whereas Nervana is the type of earbud device we could take to all the rock concerts we go to, jet-skiing, mountain climbing, etc.

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