'Normative Elite HRV Scores by Age and Gender'


When measuring Heart Rate Variability, one of the most frequently asked questions from app users is, “Is this a good score?”

Knowing where you stack up can help you determine your starting point relative to the “norm”. It is important to note that comparing your HRV to others can be tricky. There are many factors such as age, health, gender, and fitness level to account for. HRV is also sensitive to small changes in physical and mental health. Therefore, when seeing where your HRV values stack up, it is best to compare yourself against people within a similar demographic.

Population Comparison

This research review covers normative HRV values for RMSSD, SDNN, HF/LF, etc. based on published research. Below you will find the normative values for Elite HRV app users with a primary focus on the Elite HRV score.

Keep in mind, the Elite HRV user base may not directly represent the general population. We have a higher representation of elite and recreational athletes that typically have higher HRV scores. This may slightly skew the sample stats when compared to some medical research studies. That said, we do have a very large population sample (over a million readings) that helps increase the confidence of the data analysis. There is also a significant number of “average” health seekers and a number of people rehabilitating from serious injuries, illnesses, or diseases.

The average HRV score for Elite HRV users is 59.3 (on a 1-100 scale) with 75% of users’ HRV scores falling between 46.3 and 72.0.

More here including lots of nifty charts...

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