Not Just Tired! Oprah Features Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in "O"

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  1. Cort

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    What a great piece! A very successful professional and half marathoner at the top of her game absolutely falls apart after a virus hits and never recovers. If that doesn't change some people's ideas about ME/CFS I don't know what will. Montoya cuts in with a great quote about how digging deeper into ME/CFS patients revealed "staggering" levels of inflammation and the writer calls the IOM and P2P reports a step in the right direction but just a "mouthful". (How true that it is.)

    It's all good..I wonder how many people subscribe to Oprah's mag?

    We are getting great media story after great media story....

    Since we've found out that this article is not readily available on the internet - it's not being displayed here.

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    A circulation of almost 2.5 million. And the nice thing is you find her magazine EVERYWHERE. People don't just get them at home, I read it all the time in my doctor's offices, including dental and eye. It is a magazine everyone likes to read.

    And anything she has in that magazine is trusted. As you can see, it is a well written article.

    @Cort Is this the NOV issue? (I can't remember if she is weekly or monthly, bimonthly so if there is a date on this mag do you know it?)
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  3. Cort

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    That's cool - that's a lot of people. It is very well written! I was passed down the piece and looked for it in the recent edition but "O" doesn't provide a search bar that I could find. I know that it just came out...
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  4. Folk

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    Is the "truth" just starting to blow up right now (with no way back) or have we got that much attention in the past and then lost it?
    It seems like we are finnaly almost "everywhere".
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  5. Cort

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    I can't remember a time when we've had close to this much sustained attention and this many good - really great - articles in the media. We also have some sharp journalists behind us...

    We just need more money! I'm sure we will get some.
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  6. JennyJenny

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    If it just came out, like today, then it may be the December issue. I think it might be monthly as in Wikipedia it said the first DEC issue came out Nov 9th whatever year. Anyway, that is a big gift and advertising and holiday decorating issue I would think so people may be grabbing it off stands.

    If I knew for sure next time out I would grab one. Might have to stop and page through it to make sure.

    Also, it can have spikes of 2.7 million issues so I would think Holiday months like X-mas, Thanksgiving and Easter hit that.
  7. SandraHeretic

    SandraHeretic Member is the worst site for searching and linking. I found the article but it won't take me there! or tell me where it is found.
  8. Aidan Walsh

    Aidan Walsh Active Member

    One thing great about your Post 'she falls apart' yes she most certainly does she has undiagnosed EHLERS DANLOS SYNDROME her body is falling to pieces from a Glue Deficiency called Collagen...Chronic Fatigue is a 'Symptom' not an illness a symptom of EDS Types...
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  9. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    Weren't you who use to post everywhere about a nuclear hidden cause for CFS/ME?

    Now you're posting everywhere this EDS thing?

    Both with nothing to support it.
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  10. Sly Dover

    Sly Dover New Member

  11. Aidan Walsh

    Aidan Walsh Active Member

    That is correct there is still an underlying cause in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome it is more than Collagen & yes Gail Kansky's team is very close now on Publishing replicated Science from McMaster University the Researchers are the best in the World they were the first to be called into Japan disaster they have already

    said so called CFS is Radiation injuries have you not seen the work of Dr Henry Heng published plus the 4 part series on Discovery Channel called 'Conspiracy blood test' well Gail's team funded him as well on CFS their chromosone damage was worse than the Gulf War Vets, how come Peterson nor Klimas talks about

    Austrailia team in finding radiation isotopes or even Dr David Bell 'patient' who is working closely with the Chernobyl expert in upstate New York on radiation...Dr Peter Rowe sent over 100 tilt table test patients with 'soo called' CFS to the top Irish Genetisist at Johns Hopkins all came back with a diagnosis of Ehlers

    Danlos Syndrome as much as 50% had Classical EDS the other group have Hypermobility EDS so yes so called 'Symptom' of CFS is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome but their Fatigue is actually Cancer related the 2 Cancers that turn up mostly are AML Acute Myeloid Leaukemia or Non Hodgkins Leukemis these are also

    the types associated with Radiation injuries the fatigue is also similar to fatigue in Breast Cancer...Have you not read the full report on SEID they know it is undiagnosed EDS that is exactly why they are changing the name...CFS is a Symptom it is not an illness it is the same in Fibromyalgia plus so called

    Chronic Lymies & of course GWI deployed/non deployed...Yes Y es Yes there is a connection to radiation injuries passed on within Families & in the Food Water Rain Supply...I suggest you go & see a good Genetisist and get far away from CFS Bullshit looking for Viruses that do not exist...300 blood samples

    from so called CFS patients all had the Leaukemic marker at Univ of Egypt Oncology plus also by top expert in Israel...It is EDS with Radiation isotopes injuries Gamma or Beta numerous of Gail's are all Positives to Government Lab results...Surprised Peterson or this blog does not focus on all of the

    above...EDS is a Serious illness but aside from Collagen mutations they still do not know the underlying cause(s) Gail's Team knows it is Radiation injuries...You have EDS 'undiagnosed' there are no Cure(s) Rituximab is also a Cancer drug but in the end it will not stop the very slow ride to Leukemic states which

    can take decades in some but when it comes no worries it will kill you quick...There is no Cure for AML/EDS/Radiation...Gulf War Illness Vets sick are now being diagnosed CFS/Fibro but some are smart they are also getting diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome...CFS is just another stupid Label Name that

    once was called Royal Free Disease they spend more money than Research on stupid name changes...Fatigue is a Symptom identical to Chernobl victims...Same exact illness...How come so called 'CFS' patients bloods glows in the dark...Quote from Dr Rodney Grahame Hypermobility Unit London said

    95% of patients with CFS/Fibro have 'undiagnosed' Ehlers Danlos Syndrome they wait decades in fact over 80% of patients world wide never ever in their lifetime get an EDS diagnosis they get lost in the shuffle...This Girl who posted this Story above thinks she has Herpe Virus with Bacterias she no doubts

    has 'undiagnosed' Ehlers Danlos Syndrome 100% certain of this...Do not believe in CFS it is nothing more than a symptom waste basket diagnosis...Learn all their is to know about EDS it just might save your life, Michael Jackson no doubts suffered from EDS quote also by Dr Grahame...The majority of these so called

    CFS Researchers have not a clue they all went down numerous Rabbit Holes...Follow the Science not the b.s., Ehlers Danlos Syndrome 'Wikipedia' cannot be Cured with Antivirals or so called 'Lymie' Antibiotics that is impossible it is a complete waste of time...HSV-1 Alabama Team will also fail they all have EDS in

    fact Supine Mri Brain/Spine are useless in Connective Tissue Disorders they use only upright/sitting Mri to find Chiari, Stenosis, Scoliosis, Compressions plus Doctors find Tethered Spinal Chords from

    symptoms/physicals...MRA is also used especially in Vascular EDS called VEDS which my Doctors suspect I now have but further testing to come...
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  12. Aidan Walsh

    Aidan Walsh Active Member see Ehlers Danlos Syndrome 'learn' stop accepting the CFS Label diagnosis you no doubt have EDS with numerous complications...
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  13. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    @Aidan Walsh You know neither a healthy person would be able to easily read what you write don't you?

    Some people here strugle with no paragraphs. But using no commas or dots is just plain bad writting.

    Even though, I read it. Searched some of your names and found nothing major, just one study here and there.

    Provide some solid links to your findings/studies and write decently so you don't look like a lunatic predicting the end of time.

    Ps: Wtf was that link on the second post...?
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  14. Cort

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    Please be careful with your language Aidan (I removed with word "stupid" from your last comment.)
  15. Aidan Walsh

    Aidan Walsh Active Member

    OK Cort my apologies...
  16. Hello!

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    This really is a a wonderful article!
  17. SandraHeretic

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    I hate to contribute to thread hijacking conversations but I feel obligated to point out that I personally have EDS along with two other members of my immediate family with known EDS, several more with suspected EDS, yet only I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I know well at least four more unrelated people who have EDS; some have fatigue symptoms, but none have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome--not even close.

    The only people I know in my circles of family, friends, and patient support groups who have even close to the kind of fatigue that defines Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are not EDS patients. Reading EDS patient forums, fatigue is barely mentioned as a symptom, much less a disabling one.

    There may be a comorbidity propensity between EDS and CFS as there is between CFS and many other conditions, but to claim EDS is causal and CFS is therefore non-existent is absurd. Please stop trying to dismiss the reality of CFS in its own right--you aren't helping.
  18. Aidan Walsh

    Aidan Walsh Active Member

  19. Aidan Walsh

    Aidan Walsh Active Member

    Sandra, Chronic Fatigue so called Syndrome is 'only' a name given to People it is 100% Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & yes fatigue is not always seen in EDS & yes other Family member can have EDS without Fatigue...The new Name they are now trying to push is SEID if it goes through we will not see CFS used anymore

    plus your Fatigue 'would be' Cancer related & yes People with EDS get Cancer plus they require in some Heart transplants...I have numerous people within my Family who also are told they have other illnesses but have EDS 'undiagnosed' also people in Families do not always have the same symptoms prior to ever

    becoming ill at the age of 34 I was Healthy 'but' I also had issues that pointed to EDS since I was born with EDS Genetic links...I here countless People saying they have Lyme they have Fibro they have GWI never been to the Gulf theater & they say they have CFS it is not it is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome even

    Syncope... Youtube link: 1. 'Issues With My Tissues' 2. 'Mast Cell Activation Disorder' Dr Anne Maitland she mentions EDS in second half... I will Post more links in time...

    so called POTS, Dysautonomia is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome...CFS IS A 'SYMPTOM' & YES GAIL KANSKY'S TEAM IS 100% RIGHT ON CANCER/RADIATION LINKS YET THESE DOCTORS ARE NOT TELLING PATIENTS THE TRUTH...It is nice that you come on here saying EDS it is very difficult always having to deal with

    people who do not have any clue what EDS is yet they are always knocking what is already known...I myself have already been told I have the rare types I have 'Osteopenia' which pushes me in those types some have cross overs even your Fatigue could be 'partial Marfan Syndrome' which is found in EDS as well,

    in my Family numerous have Vein Heart issues I also have Dyastoloc Dysfunction my Grandfather had 'sudden death' my 3rd Cousin died in Boston Marathon bombing he was on my Father's side of Family he bled out & his Sister lost her leg she needed 11 surgeries to close her wounds which could be VEDS Vascular

    type...Not everyone in families are the same & the 'rare forms' can be worse but so can Hypermobility...CFS IS A SYMPTOM 'PERIOD' THE FATIGUE 'IS' CANCER RELATED 100% & YES RADIATION IS LINKED TO CANCER...I have had EDS as soon as I entered the World I was born with 'GENETIC MUTATIONS'...
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  20. Folk

    Folk Well-Known Member

    @Aidan Walsh Oh, now you've said the same thing but with CAPS LOCK I believe in you.

    I wish there was a place where you could chat forever and ever with the Noni Juice guy. Divine justice.
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