of hidden wheat, and knowing your sources

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    I found this FDA filing by a company that, in 2004 was making the case for a dietary supplement called "ceramide."

    I got there because I was thinking about my skin. In one way or other I ended up somewhere that was telling me that ceramide makes up about 50% of the oils on my skin and plays a large part in the barrier function. The other two significant barrier function components were saturated fat and cholesterol. I'm pretty sure we can get all of these from simply rendering some beef fat using the old fashioned method. And skip the expensive body paint.

    Ceramides in foods:

    The funny thing is, the ceramide in those insanely expensive beauty products isn't from an animal, it's from a plant... usually wheat, wheat germ, or rice.

    Yeah, ok, so it's a "purified" ceramide. But still, anyone who's done a high school chemistry experiment knows that reactions and dilutions never go to 100%. So I'm wondering if this is why, once I was ill, I could no longer wear makeup, and the "hypoallergenic" makeup was even more reactive to me. I'm wondering how many more cosmetic ingredients are derived from wheat or other allergens, and they don't have to tell us because they are only "derived from" an allergen.

    I have this old book by a guy named Aubrey and I'm thinking it's time to cook up my own body paint. :smuggrin: