OMF systems engineer speech made me hopeful

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Someone had asked for responses about the OMF conference. Here's one :)

This is a quantum leap above what I've seen before. Kynurenine is part of the pathway for making either a neurotoxic or neuroprotective agent. I wasn't too clear on whether he meant that there was too much or too little Serotonin being produced because of the mutation he's talking about. But this made me feel hopeful because here's a fellow who can create a testable mathematical model and use it to design studies that really answer questions about a disease. I feel like we've been missing this piece of the puzzle.

I'm so grateful to him for giving his time to this!

So I was wondering at first too... a 'systems engineer' forms hypothetical, testable mathematical models which form a kind of blueprint for creating a theory. Finding one who goes into physiology is really rare. But not so rare anymore, since the human genome project made it more interesting to get into that field. In college, I remember bioinformatics was the hot new thing, a kind of math/CS/bio major. But you had to focus on math and then transfer to someplace that taught it. At his age, I'd bet it didn't even exist and he had to self select material to study. I'm very impressed, and humbled that he'd help us.

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