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[/fright]Hate to see Tom in a chair! but it was great to see his story presented. Tom rations his activities - stops himself from doing things he would like to do - so he can work on ME/CFS...

I first became ill at 16. Before becoming ill I lived a very active life. I participated in whatever sport was going - soccer, table tennis, life-saving, tennis, cricket and cross-country running. I was also naturally academic and managed to get good results while still enjoying lots of extra-curricular activities.

All that changed when I became ill with ME.

I can remember how it happened. I developed an infection the day before going on a school trip. I decided to still go. We went to an adventure centre in the west of Ireland canoeing, hill-walking, abseiling and orienteering. It was February and it was cold and rainy throughout the trip - not the place to be when you're unwell. I was ill for some days after I came home.

I was never the same after that. Anytime I tried to play sports I felt ill afterwards.

Skip forward 21 years later and this formerly active young man is remains housebound and living at his parents. It makes you want to cry..

I wish I could say that my health has made a dramatic improvement but sadly that's not the case. I remain housebound 21 years on, living in the ground floor of my parents' house. They had the garage converted into a room for me in 1999 and I have not been upstairs since.

Read the whole thing here:

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