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The ability to order your lab tests - without a doctors prescription has been available for awhile but now a huge laboratory - LabCorp - has stepped into the game.

Consumers will soon be able to bypass their doctors by going online to order cholesterol readings, thyroid tests and other bloodwork from the biggest diagnostics company in the U.S. More than 20 states allow patients to bypass doctors and order their own lab tests. Arizona was the latest.
LabCorp hasn't revealed which tests it will be offering.
Erena DiGonis, a licensed clinical social worker and health coach with a consulting business in New York City and Long Island, decided to order her own bloodwork online when the specialists she saw wouldn’t run certain tests that she wanted done for a thyroid condition.

“It makes you feel like you’re taking back your own health by knowing where things stand,” she said of the testing she ordered online via DirectLabs. “It really empowered me and empowered my clients that I recommended this service to. If you wanted to get your cholesterol tested an extra time each year to see if your diet is working, it’s nice to see concrete results.”

Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings will let customers go online to pay for tests, visit a service center to get blood drawn, then view the results on the Web. The company has already been doing back-office lab work for a number of Internet firms that let people order up tests without a doctor.
Rapid and at-home diagnostics are a growing corner of the health-care market, with businesses like WellnessFX Inc. and Direct Laboratory Services LLC tapping into demand from patients who want to get sensitive results in private or seek to monitor their health outside of the traditional doctor’s office. Companies like LabCorp are tapping into demand from consumers who want to measure their bodies to monitor the effects of exercise and healthy living and to learn about their potential risks of disease.

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