Oscillo and Flu Prevention


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Firstly I have not taken a flu vaccine in about 30 yrs..I'm 79 now.

Over the years I've worked with Oscillo and at the first signs of flu symptoms, I would start with Oscillo and zap any flu.


At this point I probably haven't had signs of flu in maybe 8 yrs or so and so no Oscillo but I have some on hand just in case.

There is so much debate and naysayers about homeopathy but I'm of the school -- it can and does work in many cases.

I also us Hylands Calms Forte' as part of my sleep remedy.

And with all the above info, I keep my immune system strong with decades of grape seed extract. I've posted about it here in General Discussion area.

Anyone have comments on homeopathy.

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Well the only comment I have is that I don't like many naysayers / skeptics / mythbusters, etc. I think that if you can have a placebo effect, you can also have a negative placebo effect where your disbelief that something will work will become an equally foregone conclusion.

That said, I'm NOT convinced that:

* Homeopathy is a placebo effect
* Modern homeopathy is exactly like it was in years past.

I mean, who could make such dilutions with such perfection in the middle ages or even Victorian times? So I don't think the mythbusters have proven anything.

Similarly, if I didn't know people for whom acupuncture worked, I'd be convinced that it's a "get well or I'll stick you with needles" reaction. Different things work for different people and making fun of something not yet proved by science is just being closed minded.


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Millions upon millions throughout the world use homeopathics and about 36% in the U.S. How they come up with these figures on EVERYTHING, I don't know, but 36% means it's been used in the U.S. and more and more are working with them.

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My best guess as to how the controversy started is this: Let's say someone used atropine containing nightshade in very dilute doses in the middle ages. And they found that it helped people. We don't know what dilution they used, but we do know that atropine does have a therapeutic effect when it is dilute, and that it can be deadly when used at high concentrations.

Have you noticed that things like atropine, bromides, and other old timey meds are disappearing from the US market? You can't even buy ipecac anymore in the USA. This is probably part of the shortsighted crusade against anything that could give homeopathy validity.

Whenever someone gets on a high horse, their intelligence drops, I think. Just look at the President. :D

Not so long ago, the USA was a bastion of freedom and individuality. The Policy hounds have destroyed all that. They claim they are improving quality, but you can't improve quality of care by standardizing everything on the assumption that we know everything and everyone responds the same to the same treatment.

Even research bears that out. When have you ever had a research article report 100% success rates with any treatment?


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I don't know how all the fear mongering started on homeopathics but I am 79 and probably didn't know much about this medicine until maybe 20 yrs ago.

Pharma does a good job of dis-crediting anything but their toxins and many shills keep their minds closed and work to instill fears in those who work with holistic/alternative remedies, which I BELIEVE should be first lines of attacks anyway. J

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