Osteoporosis CFS any correlation

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    so obviously as there is a high prevalence of females in CFS, and surely many in the age in which lower bone BMD shows up, I m wondering if there is actually a biological reason for there to be lower BMD in CFS?
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    My guess is that there are several (many?) reasons but one may be the lack of estrogen that comes with both advancing age and hypothalamic dysfunction. Replacing estrogen can go a long ways towards mitigating bone loss.
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    Yes but that would be age related normal decline in Estrogen. What I thought is taht in mild cases CFS is actually beneficial for bones, as seen by montoyas recent study - shows lower levels of proinflammatory cytokines, with increased TGF B (whihc is good for bone growth), plus the low cortisol state - any ideas?
  4. So this is a bit of topic but a complement to it. I went into menaoause at 34. There is no family history and the doctor ruled out any usual or even rare causes. She laid blame on my autoimmunity/immunity problems. I have CFS/ME, Hashimotos Encephalopathy and fibro. So here at 47 and my bone scan is already showing thinning of the bones. Curious if others were pushed into menaouase at such an early age due to ME or other disease.