O'Sullivan - Traumatised Mother Camilla Story


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Can I have seizures (not psychological seizures) and clean eeg?



I do not think this story of Camilla bares a true resemblance of what happened, if not all made up.
The heroic husband saving the day by giving the valuable piece of 'evidence' to O'S.

Where is the proof she is cured? When so much is at stake, integrity at career, financial, problems now with husband not believing her, Second opinions in agreement, whats to say the best choice isn't to agree with them all and be 'cured'?

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I have been searching for online accounts of recovery from PNES via emotional trauma release alone and can not yet find any.

But I did come across this interesting article of a woman diagnosed with this mental illness who spent two years in counselling for it. Her MSc at KCL is interesting as is the fact that they would not let her write her dissertation on the occupy London protestors who were sectioned.

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It is easy to dismiss the subjective claptrap that O'Sullivan etc. peddle, but the truth is that it has proven to be a powerful pervasive ideology by which they and their proponents feed off vulnerable patient groups. We know all about this in ME/FM and here we see it is also applied ruthlessly to a vulnerable group of epilepsy sufferers.

Look at the language used by them (and echoed often in the press - see the Daily Telegraph review of O'Sullivan's book) and you will see why I use the word ideology. They will label anyone whose physical symptoms (they say) cannot currently be explained by objective science as mentally ill and that the only way to gain recovery is to accept the truth of the dogma. Reject it and you will remain sick, having acquired the stigma of a mental ill health label to boot, so accept and recover is the mantra.

This poisonous dogma has spread by suppression of the very thing that threatens its power, objective truth. The ME/cfs community is about to see this applied to our disease on a significant scale for the first time. I believe that this will mark a sea-change in our treatment by the medical profession and wider community, and hopefully help other vulnerable patient groups to obtain treatment based on truthful observation.

Last June my 21 yr old son began to have seizures. His EEG was clean but his consultant stated that such events were not understood yet. So he felt it was most likely to be some form of epilepsy and the most important thing was to stop further events as soon as possible. My son agreed to medication, as he hopes to drive again, and he has had just one brief event in the last 5 or 6 months.

So it seems likely to me that the medication is effective. I confess to being ignorant of the plight of some epilepsy sufferers before following this great thread. All I can say is thank God he is being treated by someone with sense rather than a quack telling him it's all in his mind.

As for the WebMD dog story.........barking mad. If that passes as a serious article about a very serious issue for those suffering...... Next they'll prove that dogs are a perpetuating factor in ME!

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