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    I've posted about Grape Seed Extract in other areas here and mentioned it in the 5 hr energy drink post, but thought it deserved a separate post on Energy and all the other areas of health Grape Seed Ex addresses. This is a pretty thorough article.


    I'm in my 23 yrs of taking Pycnogenol and then grape seed extract ongoing, every day. I'm 80 this year.

    On dosing of grape seed extract I have taken 200mg for years and do loading doses some days, but over the years of this product and all it's research 600mg daily is good for many with really chronic issues...one can divide that and take 300mg twice a day.

    IF one takes a pharma blood thinner, then cannot do both.
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    Thanks for this great information. What brand grape seed extract do you take?
    What does the py c n o g e n o l. Do?
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    Lately I'm using Olympian Labs and buy from ebay a lot for good prices, 200mg capsules.

    Pycnogenol is about the same type antioxidant only from pine bark vs grape SEEDS. I took pycnogenol for 1 yrs back in 1995 and switched to Grape Seed Extract for better price.

    If one takes pharma blood thinner then can't take both.
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    So much can be subtle, for me I got rid of allergy/sinus issues after being on Pycnogenol for under a week. This was back in 1995.
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