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I wrote this article on in-home ozone therapy and thought that I would share it here.

I would be interested in knowing people's experiences!


Best, Lisa
It's so great that you've come so far.

In 2007, I realized that toxic mold was playing a role in my illness and moved away from my problematic house, leaving all my possessions behind. I since have spent a great deal of time seeking out the most pristine locations I could find.

Clean living (such as a diet consisting solely of high-quality organic foods) and intensive detoxification (including cholestyramine, coffee enemas, sweating, nutritional supplements and other things) also have been focal points for me.

This all has been enormously helpful. The vast majority of my symptoms (most of them previously severe) are no longer an issue. My brain has been working at almost pre-illness levels. My reactivity has gone way down and I have been living without incident in a regular house in a good location in civilization.

I wish I could do coffee enemas and sweating more - both make me feel better at first and then wipe me out. I was exhausted all day after my latest try with coffee enemas. I felt great the day I did it and incredibly tired the next day. It's too bad!

I'm camping out in nature but I have not changed my clothes out so I'm not doing full mold avoidance..

Dr. Rea by the way uses fiber after sweating because he believes some of the toxins do get released into the guts.

What a great overview of ozone therapy you provided! Please check back with how effective it is over time.

Good luck with it!


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Hi Cort,

Actually, when we met a few years ago, I was still really reactive and my system would have gone crazy from the cross-contamination from your giving me a hug if you had been currently living among any really bad toxins, including problematic possessions. So I feel pretty confident that you are clear of the really bad ones.

in which case, changing clothes before going camping likely would not make much of a difference. It's just people who have been in really bad environments and are still carrying those toxins around with them who need to worry about that.

It is really really hard to get totally over this illness. Symptoms do linger on. But compared to a lot of people, you seem to be doing pretty well, and so I was not too unsurprised that you would not have currently being getting the kind of exposures that would knock me under the table.

Thanks much for your kind words about the ozone therapy article! I'm still feeling positive about doing that treatment, so we'll see how much farther over the hump it can get me.

Best, Lisa

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