Parkinson cause could show new gut connection.

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    She said this is all she takes, none others at all & another one responded to Habba Syndrome treatments with small does aspirin 81 mg 'Bayer coated' I think baby dose at night & cholesterol med am she posted on

    Facebook see Habba Syndrome there it will open her link she also responds to messages. Maybe Habba is HATS maybe H2 is HATS
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    Lyme very controversial Borrelia etc. They only thing I am concerned about is the Alpha Gal Meat Allergy going undiagnosed I have seen no improvements in Lyme Patients its a total joke
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    Low dose baby aspirin and H2 are used by some mast cell people. I can't use the aspirin. But an H2 had been one of my constant. Some of the new things I'm using has helped , and I'm not having to use histamine blockers as often now.
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    Lyme is a hard one, especially if it's not caught early.
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    The low dose coated Bayer aspirin p.m. was used with Cholestyramine 4 grams a.m. one pouch mixed in Juice & pm 'coated Bayer Aspirin 81mg', that is all she takes, she found out her Gal Bladder was not working

    HABA SYNDROME see Facebook Habba Syndrome she is on there. My friend USA she has ME/CFS she stroked out she had Surgery blocked cartoid vein if that is how it is spelled out. Blocked cartoid arteries &

    Jugulars also seen in Eagle Syndrome compressed actually
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    Issie, Lyme is not the cause of so called ME/CFS & there is no chronic Lyme either its crap they are all ME/CFS EDS patients thinking Lyme antibodies are causal & their useless Labs private tests with false positives
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    Your theory is interesting and I don't think enough people are connecting the dots. However, Lyme can cause problems like EDS, due to its affinity for connective tissue. Maybe all the recent interest and confusion about possible hypermobile EDS is actually advanced/undiagnosed vector-borne disease (Lyme and friends).
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    I doubt very much its Lyme they no doubts are Antibodies the immune system cleared the infection, the only thing it can be about Lyme is the Alpha Gal Meat Allergy delayed reactions even Ron Davis Team say No not Lyme...Also

    numerous so called Lyme Labs gives false Positive tests for profit...Ron Davis says now a Gut bacteria that protects the Brain is missing & has to do with IDO-2. Another Woman now going to see Patrick Axon on Eagle Syndrome the bones

    are over 4 in size both sides, she was also told Fibro EDS POTS etc. Ron Davis also said in his recent Video all these Causes before were wrong & all the Controls did not have IDO-2 mutation & Gut bacteria missing. I know one Girl

    fully well with SIBO meds but not sure if she continues to be well...Issie was it you on Cort blog saying you had RA? I thought RA rules out ME/CFS Fibro??
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    No, I dont have RA. I do have EDS. My DXs are FMS, EDS, ME/CFS, HyperPOTS, MCAS, CIRS, and a fungus that can cause tumors and biofilm in veins and organs, had Lyme and co infections as positive. There are more. Hypogammaglobulinemia, vitiligo and alopecia......etc. Been at this for years and have alot of pieces to my puzzle.

    On an upward trend now. Having figured out a new approach. Off almost all my medicines and supplements are much smaller now.
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    That's why I asked you about RA because I have heard if someone has RA it rules out ME/CFS EDS etc so I hear. What was the Fungus found is it one that is fully accepted now or a Private lab test? Did you ever run the Hemo

    test not the iron or ferratin but the 'Hemochromacytosis iron overload', reason I ask is countless have this & needs to be tested? Did you rule out any form of GSD Glycogen Storage Disease? It is now coming up in patients even some

    with rarest. There is a Doctor in the UK he runs as Director medichecks dot com he says anyone with an ME.CFS Lyme EDS diagnosis must rule out the iron overload teat for Hemo they could be misdiagnosed all along & need regular blood draws done

    forms GSD Type XIII Lucky 13 I Guess. You mentioned CIRS? I asked Ron Davis Team if they would test me Blood hair urine, told now they had no choice but to only accept in House Patients at Stanford Clinic so if Close maybe something to consider if IDO-2 & a missing a total Gut bacteria, one that Protects the Brain?
  11. Issie

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    I'm a carrier for Hemochromatosis, but don't have it. Is on one leg of my genes. Same with my sister.

    The fungus is still under study, but I've written about it before. Do a search for Dr. FRY and what all I've written about it. It was found in my blood and a thyroid biopsy. He has found it in heart plaque, brain tumors and prostate cancer.

    Right now I'm addressing it and virus and glutamate. Seems to be improving my symptoms.

    I will be adding to the thread that dejurgen and I are developing on our hypothesis and research we are doing together. Most of what all I'm doing will eventually show up there. We are both having improvement.
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    How would Glutamate work? Why? Yes, I am aware of Dr. Fry work he has been at it for some time now
  14. Issie

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    Our hypothesis is that glutamate is too high and that is creating all sorts of issues. We are building on this thread and adding to it as we get our research and reference compiled.
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    Why would someone react so well to Tagamet based on a 1986 Published Paper saying it Cures ebv by halting an enzyme inside from replicating she is now 2 weeks in & does not have to take it everyday like in the beginning? I find this a bit hard to swallow could this be real? I wonder also since ebv is a Herpes virus like HSV-1 maybe it is killing the

    HSV-1 in the Gut? She told me in the last few days she is 100% well with no illness at all. She took it daily each time her Fatigue came on they were 200 mg doses likely took 4 or 5 each day then decreased it is also an antacid & I understand it is a H2 Blocker maybe it is knocking HATS down Hereditary Alpha Tryptasemia. Also the other Woman

    diagnosed for years with IBS was now diagnosed with a faulty Gal Bladder she takes Bayer aspirin coated baby dose at night 81 mg & in am uses in Juice once daily 4 grams of orange flavoured Cholestyramine in powder pouch

    form...Mind boggling both stories & both responded immediately & the last one was first given anti Diarrhea pills that helped but not like the the last medicine did, she is also well
  16. Issie

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    Tagament is used by some for MCAS and is an H2 and used along with an H1. It has different properties than Zantac or Pepcid.

    Cholestyramine is used with CIRS as a binder. Is also used for high cholesterol and also removes bile from the gallbladder. The aspirin helps inflammation system wide. It also is used by some to cause a slow mast cell release instead of massive dumps.

    There is a few possibilities of functions of those medications. But not sure why it would completely make one well from ME/CFS.
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  17. Issie

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    I found the article on this. But sadly, for me, I've been on H2, H1 for over 3 years and this didn't work for me. It did help with MCAS, but I'm not well. Appears to tweak T cells.

    Here's article.

    Cimetidine, Ranitidine, and Epstein-Barr Virus Infection To THE EDITOR: Patients with chronic Epstein-Barr virus infec-tion (1) might be relieved to have their syndrome diagnosed but are usually discouraged when told there is no recognized effective therapy, because their symptoms are often disabling. I have treated ten such patients, who had dysfunction from 9 months to 15 years. All had antibody to Epstein-Barr early antigen in titers of 1:40 or greater. Because of my success in treating acute mononucleosis with cimetidine (2), I decided to try cimetidine or ranitidine on these patients. In the usual doses prescribed for treatment of peptic ulcer disease, every one of these patients had a major or complete remission in 1 or 2 days. If treatment was stopped, the symp-toms promptly returned. An unusual response to the H2 block-ers in these patients was stimulation and insomnia. These side effects resolved with time or reduction of dosage. Some patients have now been receiving this therapy for more than a year, and its efficacy has not diminished. My hypothesis is that the suppressor T-cell hyperfunction induced by herpesvirus infections is responsible for much of the morbidity of these disorders, perhaps by secretion of lympho-kines, although none of these patients have had an alteration of the helper/suppressor T-cell ratio. I submit these anecdotal findings so that other patients with this disorder may be helped and so that someone with a larger patient population might do a double-blind experiment. JAY A. GOLDSTEIN, M.D. 500 South Anaheim Hills Road; Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 REFERENCES 1. JONES JF, RAY CG, MINNICH LL, HICKS MJ, KIBLER R, LUCAS DO. Evidence for active Epstein-Barr virus infection in patients with persis-tent unexplained illnesses: elevated anti-early antigen antibodies. Ann In-tern Med. 1985;102:1-8. 2. GOLDSTEIN J A. Cimetidine and mononucleosis [Letter]. A
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    thanks, I never knew that Goldstein was involved in this, maybe if it is not working on Habba or HATS may be it works against Eagle Syndrome Calcification reduction or reducing inflammation overall...I posted on my Facebook

    timeline about one Guy Sick for a long time his Neurosurgeon said give me 3 weeks to run tests if I am right I will Cure you. He was right he had Eagle Syndrome all along & back to normal now...thanks, Issie...