Patient initiative: Screening half a million stool donor applicants to find FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant) super-donors

My history:
I've been following the microbiome research, doing FMTs, and trying to find a highly effective donor for the past decade. I created (see CFS section) to try to help other people get up to date on what I feel is the obvious crux of the issue. I tried to go through official channels for years to push for FMT clinical trials with high quality donors, but when that failed I took things into my own hands and started up

I struggled for a while, then a video went viral on social media resulting in tens of thousands of stool donor applicants. After ~23,000 we tried the #1 ranked donor. Results were mediocre but many people improved. A while later we activated another donor, but still results haven't been spectacular.

Last year I raised prices & donor-payouts significantly. That seemed to be the necessary catalyst, and resulted in lots of viral videos and 500k+ stool donor applicants.

I've been surprised at how rare my ideal stool donor criteria are. I still haven't found an ideal donor, but I'm still working through all the applicants.

I would welcome collaboration from other research groups to assess our donors to try to figure out how to identify highly effective donors (IE: super-donors). Otherwise, it's up to us patients to continue to experiment and try to figure things out on our own.

Also, I'm spending a ton of time screening "average" people. My efforts to recruit the types of people I think are most likely to qualify - top athletes - haven't been very successful. So I would welcome assistance in that regard.


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I don’t know what your criteria are but, having some acquaintance with Navy SEALS, suspect that they are among the most fit and sharpest humans. I have no idea how to recruit them, though.

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