pernicious anemia


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Pernicious anemia is different from iron deficiency. In P A, an individual lacks the intrinsic factor necessary to absorb B12 from food. (a general B12 deficiency is common among vegetarians/vegans, because they do not eat the most beneficial and efficient forms such as meat and dairy and hopefully, they are taking supplements to overcome this.) This deficiency is massively hard on the body, enhancing the issues we already have. Easily manageable with injections - just enough to raise the levels to be stored in the body. I have ME and FM but was experiencing worsening of dizziness and fatigue, heart craziness (yes it has been thoroughly checked), indigestion, sensitive bladder and diarrhea. Worsening pain. It has been a very rough 6 months. Then I started having surges of adrenaline, panic attacks and sobbing while conversing and even laughing about my condition. I experienced neuropathy on left side only of my face, I experienced trigeminal neuralgia R side only. Unable to see my normal primary, I visited Kaiser Urgent care and I requested a B12 lab. (This was an issue for me 10 yrs ago and I gave my own injections until improvement.) My labs indicated B12 deficiency. I took my first injection last Thursday. I will have 4 weekly injections or until there is a correction, then go to once a month.
I just want to call this to the attention of one and all. Please research and check this out.

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