Poo Transplant resolved my ME :-)

Poo Transplant resolved my ME :-) 1

Stoo Brown

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Poo Transplant resolved my ME :-) - The Power of Poop

I am a 53 year-old white British male living in Scotland.
I had ME for ten years. Initially it was mild (although severe during relapses) and I was able to do quite a lot - although I had to retire from work. After about five or six years the ME got gradually worse and on average my ME would have been classified as 'moderate' although severe during relapses, which were quite frequent.
I read about Faecal Microbiome Transplant (FMT, poo transplants) including an obscure paper by Professor...
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Stoo Brown

Thank you. I find it very remarkable myself. I am an engineer and scientist by training and I know that results as dramatic as that which I have experienced are rare and need to be carefully scrutinised. All the same, once I was very ill, now I am not. Those are th facts. It's terrific for my wife and I and I hope others may also find some benefit from my experience.

Stoo Brown

Thank you. yes it is amazing. I cycled fifty miles on Wednesday - I'm completely back to my previous self. I hope my story is of some help to you.


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That's amazing. thanks for providing some hope Stoo...

There is at least one fecal transplant study underway in ME/CFS.

Looking forward to this becoming more available. :)


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Hi Stoo - what a great result for you - hope you stay well :)
Just curious to know if you had a stool test done any time beforehand to look at the state of your gut microbes?


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Thanks Stoo. I was advised over a year ago by Julian Kenyon at the Dove Clinic to have a transplant as he reckoned my gut flora are depleted/ out of balance (I'm not sure exactly what) but the test I did appeared to indicate that in fact my microbiome is not bad at all....... it was largely the cost that made me hesitate and then along came Covid.. It'll be interesting to see what Prof Carding finds out. I certainly haven't ruled it out.
Stay well!

Stoo Brown

I think your decision to get your microbiome profile and also to await the outcome of Prof Carding's trial are wise, particularly given the cost of the treatment. I hope evereything goes well for you and I'd love to hear more from you if you decide to try the treatment. Good luck :)

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