Potassium and Fatigue and More


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I eat 1/2 avocado daily, some foods that contain potassium but I don't think I overload on potassium rich foods. I don't eat bananas and I think they are oversold anyway. Low sodium V8 is high in potassium and I just had a glass with a dilution of a little water.

I've been feeling more sluggish lately and thinking maybe 99mg potassium glucconate daily or every other day for a while.

I have a friend with ME who sometimes takes pretty large doses of potassium and don't know if she is still doing that or not.

It's hard to keep on top of potassium but I believe optimal amounts will help with FATIGUE.

Comments, and one should not overload on potassium either.
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Just talking to my friend who takes higher doses of potassium and she reminded me of the RDA on potassium and that 99mg is virtually nothing. The RDA is like 4700mg daily. Think about this folks and all the fatigue issues. So to come near the 4700mg RDA, 5100mg for women, one needs to take about 3-5 tabs of 99mg potassium a couple times daily and then figure in the foods.

If this all sounds right in your minds, I'd start with say 200mg or so with each daily meal and go from there, see how one feels. Don't take large doses right away. j

PS: This info says 98% of Americans are NOT meeting daily requirements in potassium.

This would probably go for worldwide.

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Adequate potassium can help relax muscles too along with taking magnesium with it. I know I don't get adequate in foods for both these.

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