Powerful Anti-Herpes Drug Moves Forward: Hope for ME/CFS/FM Patients

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    The "IT" Drug For Herpesviruses

    Chimerix has been producing the "it" herpesvirus drug under production. Brincidofovir (formerly CM001) is another example of technology moving forward. Brincidofovir is Vistide - a powerful antiviral drug - encased in lipid format. Vistide has propelled some ME/CFS patients to health but is little used because of its complex infusion process, the possibility of severe kidney damage, and the frequency of blood tests needed.

    New Package - New Results

    "Chimerix has a proprietary lipid technology that can be used to enhance absorption in the gut and significantly enhance tissue penetration. This technology involves attaching lipid side-chains to antivirals, such as nucleotides, that are limited by poor gut absorption. These lipid-antiviral conjugates are thought to mimic a phospholipid in the cell membrane and thus use the natural uptake pathways in the small intestine to achieve oral bioavailability and efficient tissue penetration. From the Chimerix website."
    Chimerix’s propriety ‘packaging’ process has the potential to change all that. The packaging advance was innovative enough for Brincidofovir to be considered a ‘new chemical entity’ and be protected by patent laws.

    Brincidofovir's only side-effects appear to involve the gastrointestinal system. Chimerix reports they are ‘easily monitored and rapidly reversible’.

    Plus, Chimerix states studies have shown that Brincidofovir is not just a little bit more, or even moderately more, but ‘much more potent’ than the original drug (Vistide) against a wide variety of viruses. A 2012 review named it as one the ‘ten hot topics’ in antiviral research. This drug could initiate a new era in treating herpesvirus or other unrelated infections.

    Chimerix and Brincidofovir are no flashes in the pan. The drug, with over twenty-five studies devoted to it in the past five years, has been well studied. It may be able to potentiate the effects of other antivirals such as aciclovir and be useful for patients who have not responded well to antiviral therapy. The Phase II placebo-controlled trial went remarkably well given how toxic Vistide can be. No adverse side-effects were reported and no alterations in renal function or blood chemistry were found.

    This year the federal government awarded Chimerix $100 million to continue its work with smallpox and brincidofovir. The drug was given to several Ebola patients during the recent outbreak.

    Fast-Tracked Drug

    The drug was awarded fast track status by the FDA. Today Chimerix reported that it's 450 person Phase III trial to combat cytomegalovirus infections in transplant patients filled up faster than expected. The company anticipates they'll be able to begin reporting on the clinical trial results in early 2016. It appears that one Phase III trial will be enough for the FDA. One source reported the drug could be FDA approved and available in 2016.

    Chimerix noted that a antiviral has not been approved for transplant patients - who are highly susceptible to viral infections - in over ten years.

    Hope for ME/CFS and FM Patients

    Dr. Peterson’s April 2013 report that 70% of severely ill ME/CFS patients with herpesvirus infections (HHV6, HCMV) improved significantly on Vistide, with many returning to work, suggests Brincidofovir could be a boon to a subset of ME/CFS patients.

    ME/CFS patients who couldn't tolerate the large doses of antivirals taken sometimes for years or those who didn't benefit from their first try with antivirals could be helped. People who were helped by antiviral drugs but have not recovered could be helped more. Dr. Peterson has been holding this drug out as hope for his more severely ill patients for some time now.

    There's no telling the cost of the drug should it be approved, but new drugs typically come at a high cost. A more powerful drug that can be given in smaller doses (no infusions required!) might end being less expensive in the long run than the less powerful antivirals that are often taken in large amounts for years.

    Brincidofovir is more than just a herpesvirus drug; it's also being marketed as a broad spectrum antiviral and is currently against two very unherpes-like viruses, adenovirus and smallpox. It's been granted fast-track status for all three viruses.

    (Thanks to Anita (once again) for the tip!)
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    I still would've needed something to take care of the rest of these...
    ...but this would certainly be a good start! (if it wasn't for the alternative meds that work fine, for me/ME)

    and who needs a liver anyway ;D
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    :) Do you have all those? Actually one of the REALLY interesting thing about this drug is its ability to tackle more than herpesvirus infections. Chimerix is also testing it against adenoviruses and smallpox...
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    instead of parvo and borna I had a mycoplasma and one other I forgot, do have to add that only 2 were officially found and the rest of them alternatively and also treated that way, and nothing changed until every single one left my body (of which EBV was the hardest to get rid of, it kept coming back like an annoying fly)
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    Interesting. How are you doing now? Do you consider yourself "cured"?
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    Valcyte is now generic--insurance made me switch to generic in 2015. I'd had a little improvement on the original but went down again on generic. Anyone else experience that?

    Is Dr Peterson the only doc who is currently prescribing Brincidifovir since it's not yet approved?

    Thank you so much for keeping us all informed, Cort :)
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    He's the only one I'm aware of (there could be others) who's prescribing Vistide. He doesn't have his hands on Brincidofovir yet. I know he would love to use it but I think its off-limits until it's approved. So he's using the original, sometimes nasty original version - which works very well in some people.
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    far from it, that's when the "fun" seriously started, it just seemed to trigger some sort of damaged-nerves-rebooting-system (read the link in my bio for the rest of the incomplete story)
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    I imagine he will be watching it like a hawk.
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    Before my Fibromyalgia symptoms became uber apparently Fibromyalgia in 9/1991... First I had a case of Parvovirus B19 10/89, then abnormal pap turned into aggressive HPV Cervical Cancer 1/91. No one at the time understood it, because was monogamous for 12 years. Anyways was doing the Antiviral Cox 2 inhibitors protocol per Dr Pritchens in Alabama and seeing real progress last fall for 3 months. I have the Everything but kitchen sink Fibromyalgia Alodyne(sp) princess and the pea sensitivities my Internal Medicine Dr says, and had to stop the Anti Virals because a new study came out and said that Anti Virals could stimulate HPV to reactivate and since we are talking cancer, not once but twice, it was considered too risky. Now my symptoms are worse than ever. Have you heard any of this?
  11. Cort

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    Darn. No I didn't know that. What a shame...I guess there's no way around that?
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    Sorry, I was trying to ask a question of KweenPita .... I didn't do it right!
    I was referring to what she said above.
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    wasn't paying attention much either :wacky: bit still would like a link (from kween)
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    I just started using Valtrex 500mg.
    It is the first time I've tried using any antivirals!
    I asked my doctor to try me on the Valtrex / celebrex combo but the celebrex is not covered by my insurance so I was not able to get that.
    I went ahead and started with the Valtrex 500mg x one per day.
    now, I'm a bit worried about what Kween said above about the human papillomavirus and antivirals possibly causing cancer..... according to her doctor.
    I'm having trouble with the search engine trying to find valtrex, am I doing something wrong? Or should i search someplace else?
    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me, greenhorn on the site!
    Meg/ Recliner
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    They have also tested this against Ebola virus. I really like the sound of this drug over everything else out there and am watching it carefully. I hope it really is available 1Q'17 as they project. This could be a really great treatment for many of us with CFS having herpes viral implications - HHV-6, EBV.